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Surge protection made easy

UL Open Type 1 Listed surge protection

The VAL-US-277/40/4+0-FM  


The VAL-US series is a UL Listed series of pluggable surge protection devices that utilize high-capacity varistors to provide high-quality protection. These devices offer status indication contacts for remote monitoring, as well as hot-swappable plugs with integrated visual status indication for easy maintenance and replacement. Our VAL-US series offers a complete portfolio of configurations for U.S. power systems.

The benefit of Open Type

As UL Open Type 1 Listed devices, these products integrate easily into new and existing systems and applications. UL recently added the “Open Type” description to complement traditional hard-wired SPDs.

An Open Type rating allows DIN rail-mounted surge protection to be UL Listed as delivered with field wiring terminals. Implementation of these high-performance surge protection devices is easier than ever for panel builders and OEMs, and can be accomplished without any additional safety evaluations.

Main features:

  • UL Open Type 1 Listed for easy integration into new and existing applications
  • Available for all standard U.S. power configurations
  • Robust protection up to 80 kA per mode
  • 200 kA short-circuit current rating
  • Remote and visual status indication to easily monitor your system’s health
  • Keyed plugs and bases to ensure correct placement
  • Testable with CHECKMASTER 2


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VAL-US surge protection | UL Listed, Open Type 1 SPDs

The new VAL-US surge protection from Phoenix Contact is UL Listed. This Open Type 1 SPD no longer needs to have overcurrent protection in front of it. You simply install this according to your voltage and our instructions.

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