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Non-stop power

Non-stop power

Be on the safe side: UPS devices ensure maximum availability of your plants and systems.

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Even a brief mains fault can paralyze operation. This frequently results in financial losses. You can prevent this by choosing your tailor-made solution from our product range for DC and AC applications to ensure production continues to run seamlessly.

Your advantages

  • Maximum safety – UPS for single-phase AC current integrated in the safety concept
  • Space saving: UPS for the control cabinet with integrated power supply or integrated power storage
  • All from a single source, as UPS products are tailored to our power supply range
  • Maximum availability, thanks to intelligent IQ technology (QUINT UPS)

UPS for stand-alone or 19" rack mounting

Uninterruptible power supply as a stand-alone device or for rack mounting  

Uninterruptible power supply as a stand-alone device or for rack mounting

UPS devices are class VFI-SS-111 single-phase uninterruptible power supplies. They are available as a stand-alone device or for mounting in a 19" rack.

The devices protect the connected loads against any faults on the mains side.

Last but not least, the loads are permanently supplied with an output voltage or output frequency that is independent of the mains input. This is made possible by the double conversion technology.

UPS for the control cabinet

The QUINT, TRIO, MINI, and STEP product ranges from Phoenix Contact offer solutions for various industrial applications.  

QUINT UPS, TRIO UPS, MINI UPS, and STEP UPS product ranges

Uninterruptible power supplies with 12 V DC or 24 V DC supply voltage are used in industrial applications.

These UPS devices for the control cabinet are mounted directly on the DIN rail.

  • In the performance range up to 1,000 W, the modular QUINT UPS modules supply output currents of up to 40 A.
  • With the TRIO AC UPS with integrated power storage, you can reliably shutdown connected industrial PCs.
  • QUINT BUFFER with 40 A output current works with maintenance-free capacitors.
  • TRIO UPS and MINI UPS combine a power supply and electronic switchover unit in the same housing.
  • UNO UPS, STEP UPS, and two QUINT UPS save space with integrated power storage.


Selection guide in table format

Tables are available for modular solutions as well as integrated versions  

It is easy to select the size of the power storage according to the buffer time and the current to be buffered

Thanks to our uninterruptible power supplies, you always have the right solution for maximum system availability. The various storage media feature a wide range of different properties: long service life or very long buffer time, no maintenance or use at extreme ambient temperatures. Whatever your requirements, we offer the ideal power storage.


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Uninterruptible power supply for the control cabinet