Solid-state contactors

Wear-free switching

Wear-free industrial power control

Solid-state contactors: silent and reliable for every AC voltage network.

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Rugged, durable and fast – solid-state contactors from Phoenix Contact combine the definitive properties of high-quality solid-state contactors. They are available as single- or three-phase devices, and also with reversing function depending on the type. With a practically unlimited service life, resistant to vibration, silent operation and can be used most anywhere.

Your advantages

  • Reliable, fast and long lived power control, thanks to wear-free electronics.
  • Rugged: resistant to shock and vibrations
  • Easy wiring, thanks to integrated locking circuit and load wiring
  • Silent operation

Switching large AC loads

Solid-state contactors – the ideal solution for your application  

Solid-state contactors: the ideal solution for fast duty cycle/high current application

Reliable power control: solid-state contactors from Phoenix Contact only change state in zero crossing mode. This feature has the benefit of generating no high-frequency electrical noise. 

In addition:

  • Standard control voltages - 24 V DC or 120/230 V AC - run command inputs
  • Integrated interlock control circuit and load wiring
  • Heat sinks sized to accommodate maximum current flow 



Solid-state contactors for every application

Solid-state contactors switch motors, e.g., in production systems  

Solid-state contactors control power in production systems

Solid-state contactors are used in many areas:

  • Production machines
  • Temperature controllers / heat process
  • Conveying systems
  • Light and lighting systems
  • Slides
  • Separating filters
  • Ship steering gear


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