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M12 connectors with QUICKON conductor connection

M12 connectors  

M12 connectors

M12 connectors for assembly with QUICKON fast connection technology and 360° shielding reliably transmit Ethernet, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and standard signals. You can use simple standard tools to connect the cables quickly.

Your advantages

  • Time savings of up to 80% with QUICKON fast connection technology
  • Suitable for railway applications, thanks to special plastic and shock and vibration-resistant insulation displacement contacts
  • Reliable positioning and contacting of the shield using limit stop in the splice body
  • Socket O-ring is protected, even at high torque
  • Flexible connector, thanks to large clamping area

Main features

  • QUICKON fast connection technology (IDC)
  • 360° shielded housing
  • SPEEDCON fast locking system
  • External cable diameter: 5 mm ... 9.7 mm
  • Degree of protection: IP65/IP67
  • Temperature range: -40°C ... +85°C


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