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Use the mobile phone network for secure data transmission worldwide.

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Use the mobile phone network for communicating with your machines and systems – you'll save time and money. Phoenix Contact offers you a wide range of mobile phone products for a great variety of applications.

Your advantages

  • Internet access is possible anywhere and at any time – no landline connection is necessary
  • High level of data security thanks to the most modern security mechanisms
  • Rapid startup and long-term use thanks to integrated mobile phone diagnosis

Rapid reaction thanks to direct mobile phone access

Secure remote access via encrypted VPN connection  

Secure remote access via encrypted VPN connection

The availability of a machine or system is one of the most important indicators for many machine and system operators. Even small improvements in processes can minimize downtimes and thus increase efficiency.

Regardless of whether you want to monitor simple sensors remotely or need remote access to the expensive machines – Phoenix Contact offers the appropriate product for every application, from simple to SMS alerts to encoded data transmission on the Internet.

Monitor sensors and switch relays

TC Mobile I/O signaling system with two performance classes  

Monitoring, alerts, and switching via the mobile phone network

Monitor analog and digital sensors easily and securely via the mobile phone network and switch relays remotely. TC MOBILE I/O transmits data securely via SMS, e-mail, and GPRS.

TC Mobile I/O provides you with a DC device with a voltage range of 10 to 60 volts, as well as an AC device with 93 to 250 volts. The special feature of DC devices: in addition to the four digital inputs, they also feature two analog inputs, which can measure both voltage and current.

All devices are particularly easy to handle and can be used in a wide range of applications, thanks to the large voltage range and the various inputs.

Secure remote access to remote machines

TC MGUARD 3G VPN security router  

The mobile phone routers with mGuard technology make industrial communication in the mobile phone network more secure

In addition to UMTS/HASPA mobile phone networks, the mobile phone routers with mGuard technology also support American CDMA mobile phone networks.

The products have a robust metal housing and two SIM card slots and support up to ten VPN tunnels, depending on the version. In addition, the devices offer an integrated 4-port switch. The TC MGuard RS4000 3G VPN is designed as a Managed Switch.  

SD memory cards function as replaceable configuration memories – for fast startup and easy device replacement.


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