Installation material for the control cabinet

Sicher und übersichtlich

Safe and visible

Easy installation – safely assemble and organize components and wiring in the control cabinet.

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Phoenix Contact has an extensive range of installation material for the control cabinet.


  • Increased productivity
  • Organization and visibility in the control cabinet
  • Functional control cabinet construction provides easy handling
  • One-stop shopping

Wire management


Wire management

Wire duct: organize control cabinet wiring

Phoenix Contact's raceway for wiring conductors, is currently available in gray, white, blue or halogen-free.  The PC/ABS material in our halogen-free version has a high temperature rating of -25 degrees C (-13 F) to 90 degrees C (194 F).  The electrical wire ducts are available in a wide range of sizes, from 25 to 120 millimeters and in two-meter lengths to match our two-meter DIN rail. Both the cover and the channel are available through a convenient, single part number. Replacement cable covers can be ordered separately.

Phoenix Contact's wiring duct provides easy cable management.  It organizes cable wires in the control cabinet, with a specially contoured cover that is easy to attach and remove while still creating a secure, tight fit. To easily remove sidewall fingers or the wall section for your wire and cable, simply bend the flexible wire duct finger at the score line and force the finger inward.  No special tools are required and no sharp edges are left behind.   

Mounting: save time and space


Mounting material

Save time and increase productivity by using the right tools from Phoenix Contact. Securely mount electrical connections and switchgear and control gear components. Optimize space in the control cabinet by properly combining mounting accessories. 

Inside the control cabinet, DIN rail - or raised rail - is the backbone of industrial connection assemblies. Components are held securely with DIN rail cut to length and perforated. DIN rail can be positioned vertically or angled diagonally in the cabinet to meet customer requirements by using supports, mounting brackets or bracket adapters. End brackets securely hold components on the rails and can withstand most jolts and vibrations.

Covers and shield clamps ensure user and system safety. PEN conductor busbars and pick-off terminal blocks are also available.


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