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Safety in automation

Safety in automation

Flexibility and reliability in safe applications.

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With Inline the choice is yours: implement the simplest solutions for functional safety with the Inline ECO Safe terminal or complex safety solutions with SafetyBridge Technology or PROFIsafe.

Your advantages

  • Easy implementation of distributed safety solutions, thanks to SafetyBridge Technology
  • Easy safety integration without complex parameterization
  • Flexible use due to compatibility with all common bus systems
  • Easy configuration using the SAFECONF software

Safe I/Os for all common bus systems

The Inline safety modules can be freely distributed in the network  

The Inline safety modules can be freely distributed in the network

Our safety-related I/O terminals also underline the flexibility of the Inline I/O system. Depending on the bus couplers and safety controllers, the I/O terminals can be used with PROFIsafe in PROFINET and PROFIBUS systems or in INTERBUS Safety applications.

We offer digital input and output modules as well as relay modules. These products enable you to meet safety requirements up to:

  • PL e (EN ISO 13849-1)
  • SIL 3 (IEC 61508)
  • SILCL 3 (EN 62061)


Safety without a safety controller
Do you want to integrate functional safety, independent of the network, without additional safety controllers? Then choose safe I/Os with SafetyBridge Technology.

The highlight is distributing the yellow, safe I/Os as required in your system. The modules work centrally or peripherally using a standard control system.

SafetyBridge Technology – extremely flexible safety

Topology showing the principle of SafetyBridge Technology  

Principle of SafetyBridge Technology

SafetyBridge Technology means that input and output modules exchange safety-related signals with each other. Since the modules process the safety functions themselves, they use the standard controller and network only for transport purposes.

Without a safety controller or safe fieldbus system, this is a cost-effective solution for functional safety in standard applications.

The safe I/O modules with SafetyBridge Technology meet all safety requirements up to SIL 3 or PL e.

Two safety relays in one safe I/O terminal

Safe I/O terminal, Inline ECO Safe  

Inline ECO Safe I/O terminal with the function of two safety relays

Deactivate connected standard output terminals safely with the safe Inline ECO Safe I/O terminal. All status and error messages are forwarded to the standard controller, making the safety solution transparent. This reduces safety-related downtime.

Integrate the safe I/O terminal by simply plugging it into your Inline I/O station. The standard output terminals are then mounted to the right of the safe I/O terminal.

When a sensor is activated, e.g., emergency switching off, the actuator voltage supply for the connected standard output modules is shut down for safety reasons. Up to two dual-channel sensor circuits can be connected to one safe I/O terminal. If you need more sensor circuits in your application, you can integrate additional safe I/O terminals.

Depending on the sensors and actuators used, you can implement safety functions up to SILCL 3 and PL e.



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