New low-profile PCB terminal blocks – SPTAF 1


Three convenient spring-lever options to suit your needs

Whether you're looking for a connector to fit in the tightest of spaces, a connector that redefines wiring convenience, or something that combines space savings and convenience, the SPTAF 1 connector family has you covered. This new connector family features a low-profile connector body that’s only 8 mm in height, springwire termination, an 8 A and 300 V UL rating, and a choice of three user-friendly spring-lever options.

For the tightest fit, the IL series has an internal lever, keeping overall connector height to just 8 mm. For stranded wire, a screwdriver quickly and easily opens the connection.

No tools are required for the EL series. An external lever is easily depressed with your finger, and this connector comes in at an overall height of just 10.2-mm high.

An innovative locking lever, the hallmark of the LL series, locks the connector into an open position. This enables the installer to use both hands for wiring. As on the EL series, no tools are required to use this connector, and it is just less than 11 mm high. And as is the case with Phoenix Contact’s spring connectors, solid or ferruled wires can be inserted into any of these three connector series without opening the spring connection.

Features and benefits

  • Push-in spring connection technology allows quick termination of wires
  • 3 options on spring-lever design ensure that you will find a connector that fits your need
  • Sliced connector design can be color-coded to make wiring easy and error-free
  • Quick and convenient testing using integrated test points

Technical data

  • Rated to 8 A and 300 V UL
  • Compatible with 16 AWG – 24 AWG wire
  • Available in 3.5-mm and 5.0-mm pitch
  • 2 to 16 positions per connector

Potential applications

  • Lighting
  • Building automation
  • Any application requiring a low-profile terminal block


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SPTAF PCB terminal block

The angled SPTAF 1 PCB terminal block comes with a cable entry angled by 45° for convenient conductor connection.