QUINT DC/DC Converters

QUINT DC/DC converters

Perennial control cabinet problem solvers

The new generation of QUINT DC/DC converters perfectly pairs innovation with adaptability. Similar to our QUINT AC/DC power supplies, this generation of QUINT DC/DC converters is designed with innovative technology to deliver precise, real-time monitoring, passive configurability, and a long list of application-worthy benefits.

QUINT DC/DC converters provide a precise DC voltage. The converters can alter voltage levels, amplify voltage at the end of long cables, or enable the creation of independent supply systems by means of electrical isolation. Designed with a robust output, adjustable preventive monitoring, and the choice of push-in or screw connection technology, QUINT DC/DC converters are the most innovative and adaptable control cabinet problem solvers. 


Take control with intelligent innovation

Phoenix Contact has designed the most cutting-edge DC/DC converter in today’s market! QUINT DC/DC converters are leading the industry with state-of-the-art features and technologies that increase the reliability of your application.


Your advantages

  • Strong output with easy system expansion, reliable starting of heavy loads, and fast tripping of standard circuit breakers on selective loads
  • Comprehensive signaling monitors and reports critical operating states before errors occur
  • Simple and precise configurability of the DC/DC converter’s parameters using a passive interface
  • Available analog output sends real-time current, voltage, or power back to your PLC or HMI
  • Push buttons on the face of the device offer tool-free output voltage adjustment
  • Choice of push-in or screw connection technology
  • Order number on product face for simple re-ordering
  • QR code on product face for easy access to the datasheet, technical information, and approval listings

Key features of QUINT DC/DC converters

  • Static power boost of up to 125% continuously
  • Dynamic power boost of up to 200% for up to 5 seconds
  • Exclusive Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB) technology
  • Adjustable analog, digital, and relay contacts
  • Hazardous location approvals

Rotate the QUINT DC/DC converter in all directions. For a more immersive experience: On desktop, scan the QR code, or using a compatible mobile device, tap 'View in my space'.


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Fourth-generation QUINT DC/DC converters with conformal coating

Conformal PCB coating protects sensitive components.

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