STEP POWER – Compact and reliable

STEP POWER – Compact and reliable

A new generation with more efficiency and power density in the same unique housing design

Phoenix Contact’s third generation of STEP POWER power supplies has a higher power density and is more efficient than ever before! Designed in the unique compact footprint that STEP customers have grown to love, the third generation of STEP POWER now offers even more flexibility and versatility.

The third generation of STEP POWER power supplies is designed to adapt to individual customer needs. With the ability to accept an AC or DC input, the STEP3 allows customers to use the power supply in a variety of applications.

The wide output voltage allows customers to adjust the output to meet the requirements of specific applications. For example, in an application that requires a long wire between the power supply and the load, a customer can adjust the output voltage to compensate for voltage drop within the wires.

Your advantages

  • Save space in the control cabinet with the narrow design and increased power density
  • Energy savings with the highest level of efficiency in no-load and partial-load operation (Efficiency Level VI)
  • Flexible mounting on DIN rails or panels
  • Quick and easy startup with tool-free Push-in connection technology at a 45° angle with double terminal points
  • Approved for industrial and building automation applications
    • UL 61010 listed
    • Class I Division 2 approved
    • EN 60335 – commercial standard

Rotate the STEP POWER in all directions. For a more immersive experience: On desktop, scan the QR code, or using a compatible mobile device, tap 'View in my space'.

Increased power density and efficiency

STEP POWER power supplies

The new STEP POWER power supplies offer an increased power density in all devices. This means more power in the same unique housing design.

Due to the high degree of efficiency, STEP POWER power supplies convert less electrical energy into undesired heat energy. This not only saves energy, but also extends the service life of all components in the control cabinet.

Flexible mounting

Flexible mounting

The STEP POWER power supplies offer flexible mounting and can either be snapped onto a DIN rail or screwed onto a level surface. The base latches integrated in the housing eliminate the need for additional mounting material when mounting on level surfaces.

Push-in technology

Push-in connection technology

The new STEP POWER power supplies enable tool-free Push-in connection technology for the first time. Using the same installation space, the connection terminal block also provides double the number of terminal points so potentials can be easily distributed and looped through.

The 45° angle facilitates ergonomic wiring during installation.

Approved for industrial and building automation applications

Industrial building at dusk

Along with the industrial approvals of UL 61010 and Class I Division 2, the STEP POWER power supplies are certified for commercial purposes in accordance with EN 60335-1 for the first time. They satisfy the most stringent safety requirements for electrical appliances and other building automation equipment.


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