Transportation infrastructure

Transportation infrastructure

Transportation Infrastructure and Phoenix Contact

An 80 year partnership of cutting-edge solutions

Phoenix Contact has been supplying reliable components to the transportation market since 1929 when we invented rugged, modular terminal blocks for use in the railroad industry. Over the last eight decades, since the advent of our partnership with railroads, our product portfolio has evolved to meet the complexities of the ever-changing applications in the transportation infrastructure industry.

Phoenix Contact offers several products and solutions for the transportation and transit industries, including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software, control hardware, networking products, switching devices, power supplies and surge protection. These are all used in applications that service the railroads, highways, bridges and tunnels.


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Monitoring and diagnostics - Field data integration to control room solution guide [PDF, 2.02 MB]
This document outlines the use of Phoenix Contact wireless communication--coupled with Human Machine Interface (HMI), programmable controllers, and bungalow field connection and surge protection devices (VAL-MS-BE-AR)--for monitoring field devices and providing field data to the control room.
Saving Energy with an Automated Third Rail Heater System [PDF, 0.57 MB]
A collaborative project saves between $3 and $4 million in energy costs per year. Document is property of the New York City Transit Authority. Posted with permission.


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Technologies for protecting critical electrical and control systems on movable structures

This paper will examine the different technologies that can be used to protect movable structures, such as bridges, against surges and transients, and how these technologies can be applied to provide a holistic approach in protecting critical electrical and control systems on movable structures.

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Modern electronics demand a modern solution

The VAL-MS BE-AR now gives the railroad industry a contemporary solution for track-side field connection and surge protection.

Modern electronics demand a modern solution
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