Oil and gas management

Oil and gas management

Proven performance throughout the process

Product and application solutions designed to enhance your control and SCADA systems.

The Oil and Gas industries supply more than 60 percent of the energy requirements for the nation. Because these two industries touch our lives in countless ways, the efficient management of oil and gas resources has become essential for a healthy and vibrant economy.

Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of product and application solutions for secure, scalable industrial networks, remote connectivity and reliable power needed to ensure the availability and reliability of control and SCADA systems for the Oil and Gas industries.


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White paper: Cybersecurity in the Global Hydrocarbon Process Industry

In today’s connected world, the global hydrocarbon process industry is controlled and monitored electronically and digitally. This makes it susceptible to numerous risks, including a disruption anywhere along.

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White paper: The Use of Surge Protective Devices in Protecting Digital Oilfield Assets

This paper examines the three levels of connectivity for the digital oilfield (DOF)): wireless networks, satellite technology, and Ethernet technology.

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