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Cyber threats and safety are a daily concern for any industrial facility utilizing SCADA, HMI, PLC, or DCS systems.  While totally removing the threat of an injury or an unwanted guest on your network is nearly impossible, there are measures you can take to help protect yourself and others in your process.

As a global manufacturer of industrial cybersecurity and safety products Phoenix Contact has partnered with exida to offer our customers functional safety and cybersecurity assessment services.  Exida engineers will be performing the services for Phoenix Contact customers as they have the experience and proven capability to assess your safety system or network and report back deficiencies based on the latest industry standards and best practices.


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Industrial cybersecurity is intended to defend process control networks and critical systems from attack, damage, and unauthorized access.  Cybersecurity in the industrial space is quite different from traditional cybersecurity in the corporate IT environment, as it has unique requirements and standards that have to be met and sometimes in extreme environments.  Properly securing your control network has become more challenging as cloud computing and remote access become more popular.  Some of the questions you might find yourself asking is; where do I start and how do I identify vulnerabilities?  Let the experts at Phoenix Contact and exida help you secure your control system.

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Functional safety is the critical part of the overall system or product that depends on proper execution of commands and functions.  This concept is applicable across many different industries and provides the assurance that the safety related systems will offer the necessary risk reduction required to achieve safety for employees and equipment.  Achieving the required level of safety while meeting the latest industry standards can be very complex and requires a specialized skill set that is not available in all organizations.  Phoenix Contact and exida can help assist you in understanding functional safety and proper implementation for your automation solutions.

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Whether you are an automated supplier, integrator, end-user, or an automotive OEM, exida can guide you through the complex issues of functional safety, cybersecurity, and alarm management.


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