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Flexible and protected

Shelter your wires and lines from harsh environments.

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Our comprehensive range of plastic and metal protective tubing offers reliable solutions for a wide range of applications - including protection up to IP69K.


  • Wire protection for all applications, including waterproof
  • Suitable screw connections for heavy-duty plug-in connectors and housing bore holes
  • Suitable in all sectors and industries due to expansive approvals

Spiral tubing

Spiral hose  

Spiral tubing

Spiral tubing makes bundling and routing wires easy.  Conductors offer protection and can be easily retrofitted; exposing individual wires and conductors from the tubing at any point.

Plastic tubing

Plastic hose  

Plastic tubing

Plastic tubes are resistant to oils, acids and solvents. The materials used are free from silicone, halogen and cadmium.  They also feature up to IP69K protection and inflammability class V0.

Highly flexible metal tubing

Metal hose  

Metal tubing

Highly flexible metal tubes protect cables and lines against mechanical influences.  Watertight metal tubes with a plastic coating safeguard against water damage.


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