Sensor/actuator cabling

Reliable in the field

Reliable in the field

Connect your sensors and actuators quickly and safely in the field. We provide consistent product ranges for passive field cabling.

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  • Assembled cables
    Assembled cables

    Connect sensors and actuators quickly and easily in the field using assembled cables.

  • Bulk sensor cable
    By the meter

    Bulk sensor cable - for applications requiring varying lengths of cordsets, bulk cable can be a better logistical solution over ordering molded cables.

  • Cabling for special applications
    Ranges for special requirements

    Cabling products for demanding industries or special applications.

  • Device connectors
    Device connectors

    Suitable device connectors for all common applications.

  • Field-wired connectors

    Field-wired connectors that can be assembled enable you to reliably design your cabling in the field.

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Safeguard the operation of your systems: with a complete range of products and solutions for the connection of sensors and actuators.

Your advantages

  • Easy and safe: 100% electrically tested plug-in components
  • Flexible, thanks to the complete product range offering sizes from M5 to M12
  • Save time, thanks to installation with SPEEDCON fast locking system or assembly using fast connection
  • Save space with high-position connectors
  • Convenient: increased machine availability, thanks to quick and easy diagnostics

Minimal effort required

Sensor/actuator cabling from Phoenix Contact  

Fixed or flexible cabling

Save time and money – with plug-in sensor/actuator cabling instead of traditional single wiring.

  • Time-consuming and error-prone wiring of terminal boxes in the field is no longer necessary.
  • Avoid complicated error analysis, thanks to simple diagnostic options.

Additional advantages:

  • Quick and easy installation without mechanical effort
  • Standardized interfaces
  • Plug-in components


Unrivaled variety in M12

Unrivaled variety in M12  

Unrivaled variety in M12

M12 connectors have established themselves as the standard for industry. Our M12 product range for signals, data, and power extends the field of application and its variety is unrivaled on the market. Benefit from the advantages offered and choose Phoenix Contact, the market leader in connection technology.

Your advantages

  • All in a compact design – from safe and fast data transmission and high-position signal transmission to innovative M12 power cabling
  • Consistent cabling for all interfaces from field level to the device
  • Reliable use, thanks to robust designs and high-quality materials with IP65/IP67 protection
  • Complete product range – even for more stringent requirements such as those in the food industry or in outdoor applications
  • Save time, thanks to installation with SPEEDCON fast locking system or assembly using fast connection

Cabling for special applications

Cabling ranges for special applications  

Cabling ranges for special applications

For requirements that go beyond the classic specifications for industrial environments, Phoenix Contact offers a range of specially tailored product series.

Our special ranges are suitable for:

  • The product contact zone and the splash zone in the food industry
  • Outdoor applications such as construction machinery
  • Railway applications with specific fire and vibration requirements
  • Use in robots and drag chains
  • Power applications, even in space-sensitive areas



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Configure products and solutions for your individual application.

Sensor/actuator cabling