PROFINET technology components

PROFINET technology components

Quick and easy connection

Tried-and-tested technology for integrating PROFINET into your automation devices and solutions.

Use technology components from Phoenix Contact to implement your PROFINET interfaces. Here you will find high-performance Device interfaces as well as complex PROFINET Controller Interfaces, PROFINET Profile, PROFIsafe, and PROFIdrive.

Your advantages

  • Easy implementation – immediately executable on the supported operating systems
  • Fast certification for your device thanks to pre-certified software
  • High performance and stability thanks to Conformance Class C and netload class 3
  • Comprehensive service and competent support from our PROFINET experts

TPS-1 – the complete PROFINET Device interface in one ASIC


Single-chip Device interface for PROFINET

The PROFINET Device Chip TPS-1 reduces implementation effort to an absolute minimum.

You get a flexible and highly integrated PROFINET interface as a single-chip solution at the price of a fieldbus interface.

With the TPS-1 Development Toolkit, Phoenix Contact provides you with a complete set of software tools for the TPS-1. The TPS-1 Development Toolkit consists of various components; including the PROFINET protocol stack of the TPS-1.

Software download

The button below will direct you to the download area for the PROFINET TPS-1 Development Toolkit.


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