I/O systems for the control cabinet (IP20)

Flexible communication

Flexible communication

Transmit input and output data reliably and cost-effectively – with I/O devices for the control cabinet.

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  • Axioline F
     Axioline F

    The fast, particularly robust I/O system with high signal density

  • Inline
    Inline for maximum flexibility

    The particularly flexible I/O system with fine granularity

  • Inline Block
    Inline Block

    The cost-effective I/O system in block design

    INTERBUS Smart Terminal modules

    The block-based modular I/O system with existing wiring

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Whether modular or compact, in the control cabinet or terminal box – thanks to advanced I/O devices, communication is fast and cost-effective. Automation solutions from Phoenix Contact cover all common bus systems and networks. The versatile range with IP20 protection provides reliable protection for your data and signal traffic.

The advantages for you

  • High measurement accuracy, lower cycle times, and better control quality thanks to extremely short response times
  • Flexible use, thanks to wide range of functions
  • Particularly maintenance-friendly thanks to plug-in electronics

Fast, flexible, compact, and open

I/O devices with IP20  

I/O devices for the control cabinet with IP20 protection

Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of I/O devices with IP20 protection. This lets you configure your systems for any application. The transmission speed, functions, and structure can be set according to your requirements.

  • Especially fast and rugged: the Axioline F series – the I/O family of the Ethernet generation of Phoenix Contact transmits data in real time, from the I/O level up to the controller. In addition, Axioline F is especially interference-insensitive and EMC-secure. Furthermore, sensors and actuators can be connected quickly and easily thanks to the push-in connection technology.
  • Maximum flexibility: with the Inline Modular automation kit, form follows function. Design the I/Os according to your requirements and save space in the control cabinet. Inline also provides a solution as a safety application or in potentially explosive areas. The motto: "plugging instead of wiring".
  • Compact: the Inline Block IO devices offer a high number of channels in an extremely flat design. There is also a bus connection and pre-selected I/Os. This enables communication in a confined space.
  • The best connection: INTERBUS Smart Terminals have pluggable and therefore maintenance-friendly electronics. They provide an optimal connection to PROFINET and INTERBUS for medium to high channel volumes.

Inline – more flexibility

With Inline, you are totally flexible, thanks to a wide range of functions  

Inline – wide range of functions and a tailor-made number of channels, for more individuality

Inline is the flexible all rounder in a design for the control cabinet with fine granularity. You can design your automation functions in a unique way from a wide range of I/O modules and function terminals for all popular fieldbus systems and Ethernet networks.

Thanks to the narrow design width, you can extend your station using a minimal amount of space. Safety applications or I/Os for potentially explosive areas can also be connected and integrated easily.

Inline Block IO – extremely compact

Inline Block IO has been tailored to standard I/O signals  

Inline Block IO provides a high number of channels in a compact design

The Inline Block IO devices offer a high number of channels in an extremely flat design and are ideal for terminal boxes.

Various separate digital input and output modules, analog I/O modules, and different input and output combinations are available in one device.

Inline Block IO has been tailored to standard I/O signals in system parts with low I/O volume.

INTERBUS ST – optimum connection

INTERBUS ST – the I/O system with existing wiring  

INTERBUS ST – the I/O system with existing wiring

With the INTERBUS Smart Terminals, we offer you a block-based modular I/O system with plug-in electronics, which are easier to maintain for this reason. It combines medium to high channel volumes with INTERBUS in an optimum way.

Thanks to the modular design and using the modules in any desired series, it is possible to adapt it to your individual needs.


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