Fast and secure data transmission

Fast and secure data transmission

The INTERBUS communication system has enjoyed worldwide success in machine and system engineering for over 20 years.

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INTERBUS, the open fieldbus system, uniformly connects all process peripherals to all common controllers. The serial bus cable is used to network sensors and actuators, control machines and system parts, and connect higher-level systems. Phoenix Contact offers a large selection of protocol chips for implementing INTERBUS slave and master interfaces.

Your advantages

  • Easy installation and startup, thanks to automatic configuration of all devices present in the ring
  • Increased system availability, thanks to precise and clear error diagnostics
  • Reliable data transmission, thanks to the physical structure
  • Space saving: smallest protocol chips available in fieldbus technology
  • High level of immunity to electromagnetic interference, thanks to stable data transmission
  • High protocol efficiency: information is transmitted with low protocol overhead

INTERBUS for modern automation

Wide range of INTERBUS components  

Wide range of INTERBUS components

Phoenix Contact established an industry standard when we developed INTERBUS. We offer all the necessary components to create a complete automation system, such as INTERBUS I/O modules, special function modules and controllers.

With the new generation of INTERBUS interface solutions, you are able to meet the constantly growing demands placed on automation technology. Implement slave and master functions with ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) or FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) solutions. This ensures that the INTERBUS technology remains a viable and cost efficient solution for the future.

Master/slave structure

The SUPI4 protocol chip  

The SUPI4 protocol chip

Implement your INTERBUS solution quickly with the compact master or slave protocol chips.

The new SUPI4 slave protocol chip supports the maximum data width for INTERBUS devices. This eliminates the need for a register expansion. As an added benefit the data transmission baud rate is detected automatically and does not have to be manually set. In addition, Phoenix Contact's protocol chips provide full INTERBUS diagnostics eliminating the need for an external micro controller.

You have several choices when it comes to implementing an INTERBUS master:

  • INTERBUS master protocol chip
  • FPGA solution

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