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Until now, switchgears were based on a manufacturer-specific device technology with proprietary interfaces and protocols. Thanks to the IEC 61850 standard, communication and the engineering process are now being standardized worldwide. This means that users are no longer dependent on a single manufacturer, and the variety of interfaces is decreasing significantly. Ethernet technology is the basis for IEC 61850 communication.

Your advantages

  • Interoperability thanks to standardized communication and engineering processes
  • Global use, a high acceptance and wide distribution
  • Secure and future-proof investment due to clearly defined requirements for devices and communication
  • Simplified system engineering, thanks to defined interfaces, an object-oriented data model, and a uniform communication language
  • Consistent communication from the process, field and station levels all the way to the power supply level

Ten parts for interoperability in the energy system

Energy systems  

IEC 61850: networked energy systems

The IEC 61850 standard devised by the International Electrotechnical Commission is divided into ten basic parts. It describes the requirements for the devices and communication that are used in contactor systems and control systems for electric switchgears.

The IEC 61850 primarily defines:

  • General specifications for switchgears
  • Information on functions and devices
  • The exchange of information for protection, monitoring, control, and measurement in switchgear
  • Communication interfaces
  • An internationally uniform configuration language

Axioline F I/O system for IEC 61850

Axioline F is the very easy I/O solution for the energy industry  

IEC 61850 is particular easy: with Axioline F

The particularly robust I/O system Axioline F is the perfect solution for applications in the energy sector. With the bus coupler for IEC 61850 and I/O modules for increased nominal voltage and corresponding electric strength, you can now also use Axioline F for IEC 61850. Here, you benefit in particular from simple handling and the flexible station setup.

  • Startup without specific programming knowledge, thanks to easy parameterization
  • Flexible and easy online access to the product via web interface
  • Extra-low and low voltage modules can be freely combined, without insulation plates
  • Interoperability of the Axioline F-I/O system with IEC 61850 communication to all other devices

Network infrastructure for IEC 61850

Switches, media converters and redundancy modules for IEC 61850  

Network infrastructure for IEC 61850

IEC 61850 places special requirements on network components. Depending on the area of use, extremely strict environmental requirements must be met that are specified under IEC 61850-3. Phoenix Contact offers you switches, media converters and PRP redundancy modules for a consistent network infrastructure.

  • Suitable for use under the harshest electromagnetic, electrostatic, and climatic ambient conditions according to IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613
  • Reliable, error-free data transmission over long distances with fiber optic technology
  • Fast redundancy mechanisms for high availability
  • Wide range power supplies for flexible use in various different operating voltages


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Axioline F - IEC 61850

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Axioline F - IEC 61850

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