Distribution blocks

Distribution blocks

Connection-ready distribution blocks

The distribution blocks allow you to save time and space during potential distribution.

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Distribution blocks with Push-in and screw connection technology come ready to connect with different numbers of positions, mounting options, and colors. They can be used immediately and can be extended as needed. The compact distribution blocks therefore help to ensure flexible and cost-effective load and control current distribution. Just unpack, connect, and that’s all.

Your advantages

  • Rapid installation with connection-ready distribution blocks with integrating bridging
  • Significant space savings with the minimal size
  • Flexible mounting options with the aid of various mounting adapters for DIN rail and direct mounting, as well as adhesive versions
  • Color-coded assignment of conductors and terminal points for intuitive and safe installation with eleven colors
  • Rapid integration of function elements with function distribution blocks of the same shape
  • Standardized accessories – the blocks can be extended, tested, and marked with the CLIPLINE complete accessories without loss of pitch
  • Distribution blocks are a part of the COMPLETE line system

Ready-to-use Push-in distribution blocks – simply unpack, connect, and you’re done!

Distribute potential quickly and easily using ready-to-connect Push-in distribution blocks  

Distribute potential quickly and easily using ready-to-connect Push-in distribution blocks

Connection-ready blocks with integrated bridging allow quick and easy installation. The distribution and power blocks are available with 4, 6, 12, and 18 terminal points, and also with single layers with two terminal points.

The blocks are available in 11 colors to ensure intuitive and safe installation. Along with the distribution and power blocks, function distribution blocks are also available in a cross-section of 2.5 mm² with six distribution connections.

The function blocks are disconnect blocks with various disconnect zones. With the disconnect base block, other function elements, such as fuses, can also be integrated. You can adapt the PTFIX distribution block ideally to your system using our configurator.

PTFIX function distribution blocks

Distribution blocks with functional features  

PTFIX-function function distribution blocks

The PTFIX-function function blocks are available in various disconnect versions. The blocks are available with seven connection points and a nominal cross-section of 2.5 mm². Conductor cross-sections of between 0.14 and 4 mm² can therefore be connected to the separable connection points. The collective connection allows connection of conductor cross-sections between 0.5 and 10 mm².

The three function versions TG, MT, and MTL differ in terms of the type of disconnect zone. The TG version is a disconnect base block that, along with disconnect knives, also accommodates function plugs such as fuse plugs and various components. The MT version, on the other hand, is equipped with a disconnect knife which can be opened safely with a screwdriver. The MTL version is also equipped with a disconnect knife, but the knife can be opened without tools, meaning that this version requires more space above the block.

Push-in potential collective terminals

Compact potential collective terminal  

Compact potential collective terminals

The compact potential collective terminal block offers a wide variety of application options:

  • 35 mm² feed-in via the proven, maintenance-free screw connection
  • Tool-free wiring of the 10 points via the quick and easy Push-in connection

Push-in potential distributor terminals

Easy potential distribution and feed-in  

Easy potential distribution and feed-in

Potential distributions with up to 32 connections can be implemented with the PTRVB ...-PV terminal block and can be extended to potential distribution blocks via plug-in bridges designed for assembly.

Feed-ins up to 6 mm² and 37 A can be implemented with PTRVB…-FI potential distributors. Versions are available in blue and red, for clear potential assignment as an example.

Screw connection distribution blocks and device connection blocks

Screw connection distribution blocks and device connection blocks  

Screw connection distribution blocks and device connection blocks

The comprehensive portfolio of the product family for screw connection blocks is available with various numbers of positions up to a nominal cross section of 35 mm² and 125 A for direct mounting. The device connection and distribution blocks are clearly and easily identifiable with the marking material.


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Ready-to-connect distribution blocks with Push-in connection


CLIPLINE complete – the modular terminal block system

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