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  • PSRmodular safety system
    PSRmodular configurable safety system

    PSRmodular configurable safety system including extension modules for safe motion and analog value monitoring.

  • PSRtrisafe safety system
    PSRtrisafe configurable small-scale controller

    Versatile safety modules for the DIN rail. For configuring several safety functions with just one device.

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The configurable safety systems from Phoenix Contact enable you to individually adapt your safety technology to your specific needs. Use our base modules as a stand-alone solution for complete control of small machines with up to three safety functions or extend the system flexibly with extension modules including the monitoring of motion and analog value data. Our configurable safety systems combine functionality and flexibility, and close the gap between simple safety relays and programmable safe controllers.

Your advantages

  • Individual combination of required safety functions up to PL e or SIL 3
  • Fast startup with easy configuration using drag and drop
  • Safe operation with TÜV-certified hardware and software

Our systems at a glance

PSRmodular – configurable safety system including motion and analog value monitoring

PSRmodular configurable safety system  

Individual safety solutions with PSRmodular

Experience the new PSRmodular configurable safety system.

In addition to monitoring conventional safety functions using freely configurable base modules, numerous extension modules are available for safe motion monitoring as well as analog evaluation. Corresponding gateways connect your solution to the higher-level controller via common network protocols. Minimize machine downtimes with detailed diagnostics.

PSRtrisafe – safety devices with diagnostic options which support modular extension

Extendable PSRtrisafe safety devices  

PSRtrisafe safety devices support modular extension

Use PSRtrisafe as a stand-alone solution for machine control or extend your safety solution with digital extension modules. Diagnostic LEDs indicate the states of all inputs and outputs of your safety modules. In addition, signal outputs indicate switching states, e.g., on signaling devices. Communication with the higher-level controller of your machine or system takes place via a fieldbus coupler. Integrate your safety functions into visualizations or remote diagnostics.

System comparison

PSRmodular modules on the DIN railPSRtrisafe modules on the DIN rail
COMPLETE line systemYesNo
Overall width

Base modules: 22.5 mm

Extension modules: 22.5 mm

Base modules: 67.5 mm

Extension modules: 22.5 mm

Scope of functions17 extension modules2 extension modules
Safe analog value monitoringYesNo
Safe motion monitoringYesNo
Gateway communicationBidirectionalUnidirectional
Supported communication protocols

EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, CANopen®, Modbus, DeviceNet™, EtherCAT®, CC-Link

EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, CANopen®, Modbus, DeviceNet™


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