Strip, crimp, and cut using our TOOL fox family of hand tools. Quality industrial and electrical hand tools guaranteed to get the job done, no matter what the application.

SF-ASD 16: The cordless torque screwdriver with flexibility

SF-ASD 16: The cordless torque screwdriver with flexibility

The new SF-ASD 16 cordless screwdriver operates in straight or angled position. With a large bit selection, the SF-ASD 16 quickly and easily becomes the right tool for a wide range of screw applications.

Switch conveniently between two speeds and take advantage of 32-stage (16 in low, 16 in high) adaptability for reliable, convenient torque settings. Change the direction of rotation via the toggle switch on the handle. Its secure lock function guarantees that power is only activated when you want to use it.

Crimpfox DUO 10

Crimpfox DUO 10

Phoenix Contact continues the expansion of the TOOL fox product line with the release of the Crimpfox DUO 10, rotating crimping pliers for front or side entry. When used with Phoenix Contact ferrules, it offers UL486F with a trapezoidal crimp profile. The rotating ferrule crimper has an open die station for 26 - 8 AWG single wires, or 2x20 - 2x12 AWG twin ferrules. The die can be rotated. This enables either front entry for working inside a cabinet, or side entry for use at a work station. This ergonomically designed tool is of robust, durable construction, and features handles with a non-slip pressure pad.

Crimpfox 4in1

In this video, the Tool fox introduces you to the Crimpfox 4in1: an all-in-one wire and conductor processing solution. This multifunctional tool cuts, strips, twists, and crimps conductors and ferrules from 20-14 AWG, with minimal adjustment required.


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Hand Tools Warranty [PDF, 0.42 MB]
Phoenix Contact hand tools limited lifetime warranty

Cabinet Confidence Limited Lifetime Warranty

Cabinet Confidence Limited Lifetime Warranty

We are now elevating our commitment to that trust with our new Cabinet Confidence Limited Lifetime Warranty.

TOOL fox's complete line of durable, ergonomic, electric hand tools guarantees high levels of efficiency and quality — all covered by Phoenix Contact's limited lifetime warranty.

Find cutting tools for a variety of diameters, stripping tools that come with interchangeable blades, crimpers offering many ferrule crimp geometries and our torque screwdrivers that match your terminal block specifications.

The entire TOOL fox family:

  • Cutfox – cutting tools
    • Clean cutting without squeezing the cable
    • Ergonomic
    • Special cutting-edge geometry
    • Special hardened steel
    • Non-slip handles
    •  Styles
    • Front cable cutters
    • Ring cable cutters
    • VDE diagonal cutters
    • Special cutting tool
  • Unifox – combination hand tools for multiple applications
    • Combine several functions into one tool
    • Natural hand posture
    • No overexpansion of muscles and ligaments.
    • The pliers head is angled at 60°
    • Equipped with non-slip guards
    • Specially induction hardened steel
  • Microfox –  ESD electronic pliers and electrical wire cutters
    • Made of special tool Steel C60
    • For working with small electronic parts and components
    • Ideal for working on hard-to access areas such as PCB components
    • Manufactured from case-hardened tool steel
    • Cutting edges are also inductively hardened
    • Glare free line
  • Wirefox – cable strippers
    • Stripping and dismantling
    • of standard cables
    • and conductors
    •  Integrated cutter
    •  Ergonomic design
    •  Blades replaceable and interchangeable
    •  Non-slip handles
    •  Special blade geometry
  • Crimpfox – ferrule and connector crimping tools
    • >25% less effort & fatigue
    • Guaranteed crimp connections
    • High pull out force
    • Integrated forced-lock-system
    • Precision made interchangeable dies
    • 2-component ergonomic handles for non-slip operation
    • Ferrules, turned contacts, coaxial connectors, FO connectors, D-Sub contacts, snap-in contacts, solar connectors
    • UL486F with Phoenix Contact ferrules
  • Screwfox – screwdrivers
    • Manual and battery powered torque screwdriver
    • Extensive assortment of insulated and non-insulated screwdrivers
    • Universal Control Cabinet Keys
    • Hexagonal Socket Wrenches
    • Allen Keys

Crimpfox 4-in1 crimping pliers

This multifunctional tool is for processing conductors and ferrules. Cut, strip, twist, and crimp with one tool. Crimpfox 4-in-1 will process 20-14 AWG with minimal adjustment required.

Save time and money!

Crimpfox 4-in1
Crimpfox 4 in 1 Lit

Safety first: VDE-tested tools

Each of our tools is tested under DIN EN 60 900 (VDE 0682 part 201) and suitable for use near live parts — up to 1000 V AC or 1500 V DC — while following safety regulations.

Safety Tools
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