Safety Controller

PSR-TRISAFE safety controller features user-friendly software

Machine builders need compact, flexible machine safety solutions, but many safety systems require complex software with expensive licensing fees.

Phoenix Contact solves this problem with a cost-effective safety controller for machine safety.  We designed the PSR-TRISAFE safety controller as a cost-effective machine safety solution with user-friendly SFECONF configuration software that you can download free.

Use a simple drag-and-drop interface to reproduce safety relay functionalities without hard wiring. No previous programming experience is needed to use it.

Want to test your project to see if it works? Simply create your machine safety project and download it to SAFECONF’s simulation mode, then turn the I/O on and off right in the software – all without hooking up the safety controller.

You’ll save time by testing your project without having to set up the safety controller.  Since you already tested (and verified) your project our simulation mode, you’ll reduce the actual startup time for your machine.  Remember, no programming experience needed – just a fully functioning machine safety project that works the way it’s supposed to.


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