Automation Solutions for Ethernet and IP Networks

Solutions for EtherNet/IP

From single ODVA-compliant components to complete systems, Phoenix Contact provides cost-effective, reliable, automation solutions for EtherNet/IP networks.

As an inaugural member of ODVA's CIP Conformity Club and an ODVA member since 1995, Phoenix Contact has affirmed its commitment to uphold the ODVA "Gold Standard" for network product conformity by following the most current edition of the CIP Network specifications and maintaining ongoing compliance to CIP Network specifications, rules and guidelines.

ODVA and its members support network technologies based on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), which include DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP.  Phoenix Contact provides one of the broadest selections of CIP products and maintains active participation in multiple ODVA working groups.

Managed Switches

We offer multiple Ethernet switch solutions for EtherNet/IP applications. Increase your productivity and ensure fast and consistent flow of information. The lean managed switches can be used to connect your EtherNet/IP networks reliably and redundatly. Advanced Managed switches offer high speed redundancy, easy switch integration and convenient user interaction with various switch settings and conditions. Modular managed switches offer a wide range of connection capacity and make an effective means of communication at the highest level of the EtherNet/IP network.


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IP 20 Inline Modular I/O

Inline Modular a highly modular I/O solution for the control cabinet with network interfaces available for all popular fieldbus and Ethernet networks. This product line is ideal for entree level and mid-sized Ethernet/IP applications requiring economical and simple I/O solution.    

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IP20 Axioline F I/O

Axioline F is the block-based modular I/O system for the control cabinet open to all Ethernet-based communication protocols.  Axioline F implements well into mid to high level Ethernet/IP applications demanding higher throughput, more advanced functionality and/or direct integration into DLR (Device Level Ring) network redundancy

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IP 67 Axioline E I/O

Axioline E is designed as a block I/O solution for direct machine mounting Open to all Ethernet-based communication protocols. Axioline E is ideal for any Ethernet/IP applications requiring, direct machine mount I/O(IP67), higher throughput, and/or direct integration DLR (Device Level Ring) network redundancy

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Ethernet/IP Tools

Along with hardware solutions Phoenix Contact also offers software for your EIP solutions in order to get your system up and running easily. Below are resources for the Ethernet/IP software.

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Firewall, Router, and VPN

 The mGuard firewall protects your systems against unauthorized access of people or transmission of malware in networks.The mGuard Router allows network integration between idustrial devices or entire plants by using features like NAT, Masquerading and OSPF. The IPsec VPN allows for secure connections over the Internet to remote sites or machines. Finally, with the mGuard Secure Cloud you can support/troubleshoot remote EIP devices easily.

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PLC's and IPC's

Phoenix Contact offers a variety of PCs and HMIs that can function within an EIP network.Phoenix Contact IPCs can run Factory Talk software on top of a Windows installation giving customers alternatives to their current Panelview Plus installations.  Customers that are willing to use Phoenix Contact's visualization software, Visu+ Express, can do so on their EIP network using integrated communication drivers with our TP3000 series.

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Wireless offerings for communicating EtherNet/IP are available in both Industrial WLAN and Trusted Wireless technologies.  Industrial WLAN works on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies and is optimal for high speed communication.  The Trusted Wireless Ethernet technology works on the 900 MHz frequencies and is built for long distance, robust communication. 

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