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Surge protection made easy

UL Open Type 1 Listed surge protection

The VAL-US-277/40/4+0-FM  


The VAL-US series is a UL Listed series of pluggable surge protection devices that utilize high-capacity varistors to provide high-quality protection. These devices offer status indication contacts for remote monitoring, as well as hot-swappable plugs with integrated visual status indication for easy maintenance and replacement. Our VAL-US series offers a complete portfolio of configurations for U.S. power systems.

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The benefit of Open Type

As UL Open Type 1 Listed devices, these products integrate easily into new and existing systems and applications. UL recently added the “Open Type” description to complement traditional hard-wired SPDs.

An Open Type rating allows DIN rail-mounted surge protection to be UL Listed as delivered with field wiring terminals. Implementation of these high-performance surge protection devices is easier than ever for panel builders and OEMs, and can be accomplished without any additional safety evaluations.

Main features:

  • UL Open Type 1 Listed for easy integration into new and existing applications
  • Available for all standard U.S. power configurations
  • Robust protection up to 80 kA per mode
  • 200 kA short-circuit current rating
  • Remote and visual status indication to easily monitor your system’s health
  • Keyed plugs and bases to ensure correct placement
  • Testable with CHECKMASTER 2

NFPA 79 (2018 edition) compliant

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Surge protection is now mandatory for safety and critical operations data systems in the USA. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 79: Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery, a complementary document of the National Electrical Code (NEC), outlines requirements for the protection of operators, equipment, facilities, and work-in-progress. The 2018 edition of NFPA 79 now requires UL Listed surge protection to protect these vital applications. Ensure your equipment is ready with the VAL-US product line.

Why is surge protection mandatory with the new edition of the NFPA 79?

Protection of personnel is a guiding principle of NFPA 79. As such, surge voltages must be suppressed to preclude damage to the safety systems of a machine.

How do I satisfy the demands of NFPA 79 in terms of surge protection?

Power supplies for industrial machines that are equipped with safety circuits, per NEC (2017) and NFPA 79 (2018), must be fitted with surge protective devices (SPDs). These SPDs must be “UL 1449 Listed” products that feature a short-circuit current ratings (SCCR) that are greater than the short-circuit current availability at the SPD’s installation location within the electrical distribution.

How are surge protective devices installed so that they satisfy the requirements called for by the NFPA 79 Standard?

Surge protective devices for the power supply are to be installed as close to the power input point as possible. Depending on the location of the machine in the installation, the appropriate SPD types (see NFPA 79 (2018), Article 7.8) are to be selected. The VAL-US series makes this particularly easy since, as UL Type 1 Listed devices, they can be deployed anywhere within the electrical distribution.

While surge protective devices for signal and data technology are not required by the NFPA 79 Standard, they are typically recommended to protect the machines’ data communication interfaces.


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VAL-US surge protection | UL Listed, Open Type 1 SPDs

The new VAL-US surge protection from Phoenix Contact is UL Listed. This Open Type 1 SPD no longer needs to have overcurrent protection in front of it. You simply install this according to your voltage and our instructions.

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