Easy energy management

Easy energy management

Our innovative and coordinated portfolio of measurement technology products streamline installation and simplify energy data acquisition.

Energy monitoring: IIoT meets the factory floor

Energy monitoring and management systems can be as simple as monitoring for an undesirable condition or as complex as a cloud-connected platform with energy insights and predictive maintenance capabilities that can be accessed remotely, anywhere in the world. Regardless of your system’s complexity, it all begins with measured data.  Phoenix Contact offers a large selection of energy meters, current transformers, and other monitoring equipment that make energy monitoring and data acquisition simple.

EMpro is synonymous with easy energy management

  • Energy measurement in just three steps, thanks to an intuitive installation wizard
  • Direct connection of commercially available Rogowski coils saves wiring and configuration effort
  • Easy to maintain, thanks to smart web server and display functions
  • Support for common industrial protocols, including EtherNet/IP, Profinet, and Modbus TCP
  • Always the right product for every application, from CTs and Rogowski coils to transducers and multifunctional energy meters.

The fastest way to measure energy

The fastest way to measuring you energy consumption

Monitoring energy is a fundamental part of predictive or just-in-time maintenance programs.  Uptime and system reliability rely on the proper function of all sub-systems and components.  In fact, energy monitoring provides the data that cloud services and analytics depend on.

EMpro energy meters measure your energy data and communicates this information to a local control system or to remotely-connected services.  Configure and integrate the devices in just a few steps, thanks to the web-based, user-guided installation wizards.  Combined with a wide range of standard features, EMpro meters offer advanced functionality in simplistic and cost-effective packages.

Main features

  • Direct voltage measurement up to 700 V AC
  • Current Measurement up to 20,000 A via current transformer
  • Direct connection of Rogowski coils
  • Data logging for up to 8 parameters
  • Future-oriented – regular firmware and product feature updates


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Energy monitoring and management made easy

The fastest way to measure energy, new and improved EMpro energy measuring devices acquire your energy data and communicate it quickly and easily to control and management systems.