Surge and Overcurrent Shorts

Surge and Overcurrent SHORTS

Hosted by Jessica. Are surge or overcurrent issues causing you headaches? Having a tough time finding resources that provide simple explanations about the technologies used in devices that protect against these phenomena?

Introducing Phoenix Contact’s Surge and Overcurrent SHORTS video series, hosted by Jessica. These videos will make surge and overcurrent simple and easy to understand. Each video focuses on a single, specific topic, and breaks down some of the more complex topics into easy-to-understand concepts.

Surge and Overcurrent SHORTS: Episode I - Pilot

This video explains the series, the structure, and the various formats that will be utilized to break down surge and overcurrent topics.

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Surge and Overcurrent SHORTS: Episode II - What is a transient?

Ever wonder what makes a transient a transient? This video explores the characteristics exhibited by a transient and how those characteristics differentiate them from other common power quality issues.

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Surge and Overcurrent SHORTS: Episode III - PLUGTRAB-IQ Demo Board

The PLUGTRAB-IQ (PT-IQ) product line from Phoenix Contact is quickly revolutionizing how signal protection is accomplished with intelligent colored status indication and remote signaling. This video walks you through the key features and benefits offered by this game-changing technology.

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Surge and Overcurrent SHORTS: Episode IV - UL 1077 vs. UL 489

UL 1077 and UL 489 are two standards used to test overcurrent-protection devices. These products each have their own unique characteristics and use. This video explains some of these differences.

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Surge and Overcurrent SHORTS: Episode V - Understanding transients using a Cansient

This video describes the difference between common transient waveforms used in UL and IEC testing procedures.

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Surge and Overcurrent SHORTS: Episode VI - Important voltage levels for surge protection

Understanding the various voltage levels associated with surge protective devices does not have to be confusing. This video takes a look at these voltages, and simplifies the key points to understand. Have a question? Send a tweet to @JessicaSayWhat.

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