Feed-through terminal blocks

Feed-through terminal blocks

A broad range of sizes

Connect two conductors with ease. Various size blocks can accommodate wire sizes from 0.14mm2 to 16mm2.

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Whatever you want: the large cross section range, flexible bridging and optimum labeling options make feed-through terminal blocks the universal connection technology solution.

Your advantages

  • Easy to operate and use with push-in technology - and an easy-to-see push button lever
  • Universal use – connection of small to very large conductor cross sections
  • Space saving compact design

Two terminal points – compact design

Feed-through terminal block  

Feed-through and multi-conductor terminal blocks

Feed-through terminal blocks are characterized by two terminal points and a compact design. Ground terminal blocks of the same shape are available to match the feed-through terminal blocks. All terminal blocks can be bridged together easily with multi-conductor and function terminals.

Spring high-current terminal blocks with Power-Turn connection

Easy connection using Power-Turn technology  

Easy connection using Power-Turn technology

The high-current terminal blocks with the newly developed Power-Turn connection technology provide you with the fastest and most user-friendly connection option around today for wiring large conductors. Contact conductors up to 150 mm² by simply swiveling the operating lever – done.

Alternatively, conductors can also be quickly and easily inserted directly when the lever is closed by means of the push-in method.


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