Fuse terminal blocks

Device protection

Device protection

Fuse carrier and potential distributor combined in one terminal block.

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Fuse terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact offer a variety of fuse designs and nominal currents. The connection method is up to you: screw, push-in, spring-cage or fast connection.

Your advantages

  • Easy potential distribution, thanks to continuous function shafts
  • User-friendly testing of fuses, thanks to test connection on both sides
  • Quick identification of faulty fuses regardless of the current direction, thanks to LED status indicator

Fuse inserts

Fuse terminal blocks  

Fuse terminal blocks

Our very accessible fuse inserts can be easily replaced – we offer the right fuse holder for ever application:

  • Lever-type fuse terminal block
  • Fuse terminal block with screw cap
  • Fuse terminal block for accommodating flat-type fuses

The following fuse terminal blocks can be mounted on a DIN rail:

  • Type 5 x 20, 5 x 25, 5 x 30, and 6.3 x 32 cartridge fuses
  • Type 10.3 x 38 midget fuses
  • Type C and F flat-type fuses

Type 10.3 x 38 and 10.3 x 85 fuses and fuse holders are available specifically for use in photovoltaics, up to a maximum of 1500 V.

Fuse plugs

Surge protection  

Fuse plugs

The fuse plugs from Phoenix Contact are designed for use in basic disconnect terminal blocks. They can also easily be fitted with the desired fuse type, which ensures maximum flexibility.


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