Surge protection for MCR technology

Surge protection for MCR technology

Protect large numbers of signals

Powerful protective devices with low voltage protection levels provide optimum protection for your MCR applications.

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A large number of sensors and actuators are monitored and controlled in applications for measurement and control technology. A failure due to overvoltages can have devastating effects. Our surge protective devices offer an ideal solution and help to avoid system failures for all applications.

Your advantages

  • Protection to suit your needs, with a complete product portfolio for all common signals
  • Versatile use: designs and connection technology adapted to the application
  • Easy testing with pluggable surge protective devices
  • Worldwide use in potentially explosive areas with ATEX and IECEx approvals
  • Surge protection for MCR technology is part of the COMPLETE line system

TERMITRAB complete – the product range starting from 3.5 mm

TERMITRAB complete product family  

TERMITRAB complete product family

TERMITRAB complete is the world’s narrowest surge protection solution for MCR technology. This product family provides you with a complete system. It ranges from simple, single-stage surge protection to multi-stage, pluggable versions with knife disconnection, signaling, and remote signaling option.

The narrowest surge protective devices are just 3.5 mm wide. This represents space savings of up to 50% compared to installations with a 7 mm overall width.

The protective devices in the TERMITRAB complete family provide mechanical signaling that displays the status of the protective devices without the need for additional auxiliary power. Optional remote signaling modules visually monitor up to 40 protective devices. In the event of a thermal overload, the remote signaling modules notify the control room, for example, of the status in the form of a group message via a floating contact.


CLIXTRAB – surge protection and terminal blocks combined

CLIXTRAB product family – available from 12 V to 230 V nominal voltage  

CLIXTRAB product family – available from 12 V to 230 V nominal voltage

The CLIXTRAB product family is designed for use in safety-related systems, for example, in the railway industry. The items consist of Push-in terminal blocks with knife disconnection and the corresponding surge protection plug. With the standardized accessories for the terminal block system, the items can be integrated perfectly into your new and existing installations.

Be on the safe side with CLIXTRAB: The powerful protective circuit featuring integrated overload protection provides superior system availability. The mechanical coding of the plugs, which prevents mismatching, ensures safety during maintenance work.

Furthermore, the lightning and surge protection solution also provides quick and easy diagnostic options. You can easily monitor your devices remotely with the remote signaling function available as an option. By integrating CLIXTRAB into your digital infrastructure, you will be ideally prepared for the future. You can perform routine checks easily using CHECKMASTER 2.

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ – always know what is going on

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ surge protection  

Clear signal colors for the status of the protective device

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ is a system comprising a power supply and remote signaling module as well as the actual surge protective devices. The module supplies the protective devices and provides the group remote signaling for up to 28 protection modules.

The multi-stage signaling and remote signaling of the protective devices is of particular interest. Each voltage-limiting component of the protective circuit is intelligently monitored.

A yellow status signal indicates that the performance limit has been reached as a result of frequent overvoltages. The protective devices are still functional. Your system continues to be protected. Replacement is recommended in order to avoid unnecessary service call-outs.

  • Green: protective device OK
  • Yellow: performance limit reached, replacement recommended
  • Red: overloaded, replacement required

SURGETRAB S-PT – installation directly on the field device

SURGETRAB S-PT surge protection  

SURGETRAB S-PT for direct installation on the field device

SURGETRAB surge protective devices are designed for all common standard signals that are directly attached to the sensor head via their connecting threads. This type of mounting saves time and money, and there is no need for an additional connection box for installing the surge protection.

Connection versions for through and parallel wiring are available. This allows you to connect the protective circuit in series or in parallel to the interface of the measuring element. Versions with parallel wiring require a second connecting thread on the sensor head.

Always the right surge protection

Phoenix Contact offers innovative surge protection components for all requirements in the field of MCR technology.

Status indicatorx
Remote signaling(optional)x---
Intrinsically safe versionsxxxxx
Overall width3.5 mm / 6.2 mm17.5 mm17.5 mm6.2 mm137 mm / 79 mm
Connection technologyPush-in / screwPush-in / screwScrewScrewCables


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Surge protection for measurement and control technology