Measuring points and local tanks

Measuring points and local tanks

Keeping an eye on quality and quantity

Monitor the material to be transported on the way to further processing or tank storage.

It is necessary to continually monitor and control the quality and flow as well as check for leaks of the conveyed material while it is on its way from the production site for further processing or to the storage tanks. Standardized measuring procedures, for example, according to API, presume equally standardized data processing in the electronics.

Here, Phoenix Contact offers modular control and I/O system solutions for virtually all common types of signals. Dedicated function block libraries simplify integration of the measuring stations considerably. You will also find proven monitoring solutions for automatic filling and emptying of the storage tanks.

Your advantages

  • A modular solution for virtually all field devices, thanks to support for all common protocols
  • Keeping an eye on quality and quantity at all times with monitoring technology according to the API standard
  • Fast engineering of complex calculations, thanks to dedicated function blocks

Data recording

Data recorder  

Data logger

Eliminate possible data loss by logging data locally. In the event of communication loss, data can be retrieved from the stored historical file remotely or locally.

Tank monitoring

Oil and Gas tanks  

Control and communication technology for tank monitoring

Thanks to the modular design, it is possible to extend your tank monitoring system at any time with our control and communication technology.

This allows you to continually monitor your filling levels as well as the inflow and outflow quantities because calculation is based on the current data of your tanks.

Production optimization

Industrial PC  

Monitoring solutions

Use our WLAN solutions to optimize your production by monitoring flow variables without interrupting the production process. 

Measuring and control solutions

Whether 4 … 20 mA, Modbus, NAMUR, FOUNDATION Fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA: the modular control system from Phoenix Contact allows processing of a large number of common measured values.

It is therefore possible to read or control devices such as pump stations, valves or flow meters consistently while they are on the way to the storage tank. Your great advantage: the system allows modifications at any time so that you can integrate further remote communication technology seamlessly at any time.

Topology: measurement and control solutions  

Measurement and control solution for the transport of oil and gas to the local tank


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