The evolution of heavy-duty connectors

The evolution of heavy-duty connectors

HEAVYCON EVO – the new heavy-duty connector. Light, robust, and compatible.

With the new HEAVYCON EVO industrial connectors, we have developed an innovative and cost-effective solution for many areas of application in which metal connectors are used. Thanks to the new swivel cable gland with bayonet locking, you can reduce warehousing by up to 70%.

Your advantages

  • Reduced storage costs thanks to the reduced number of parts, as the housing replaces eight conventional sleeve housings
  • Safe and reliable use, just as robust as metal: the plastic housing meets IP66 protection and is shock-proof up to IK08
  • Easy handling: you can choose the cable outlet direction directly at the installation location
  • Free choice of components, as HEAVYCON EVO can be combined with all standardized aluminum housings on the market

Unique: the swivel cable outlet

EVO and standard connectors  

Potential savings can be made with HEAVYCON EVO

Thanks to the new swivel cable gland with bayonet locking, the EVO connectors are easier to install than conventional heavy-duty connectors:

Simply position the cable gland on the housing and engage via the 45° bayonet locking. You can therefore choose the cable outlet direction directly at the installation location.

Benefit from easier logistics and greater availability, as the new cable gland means that just one housing is required for all applications.

Plastic heavy-duty connectors

HEAVYCON EVO industrial connectors

Plastic is just as safe

HEAVYCON EVO connectors made from high-performance plastic are just as robust as heavy-duty metal connectors: they are protected up to IP66 and shock-proof up to IK08.

Numerous additional electrical and mechanical tests prove that EVO connectors are suitable for standard applications, for example, in conventional machine building.

Free choice of components

EVO and standard connectors  

Comprehensive compatibility

One advantage of the HEAVYCON connectors is the comprehensive level of compatibility due to the significant savings potential.

One example: do you just want to benefit from the advantages of the new sleeve housing? No problem, because the housing is 100% compatible with standard metal housings available on the market. It fits the standard panel cutouts of heavy-duty industrial connectors.

All fixed and modular contact inserts in B series format as well as modular inserts fit in HEAVYCON EVO housing. Capacitive PE contact is ensured at all times, even when connected at an angle.

Our product range and set solutions

EVO connector sets  

Tailored to your requirements: connector sets

The housings and corresponding cable glands cover the M20, M25, M32, and M40 clamping areas with a straight and lateral outlet. We offer all the usual sizes: B6, B10, B16, and B24 plus corresponding panel mounting bases, box mounting bases, and coupling housing with and without protective cover.

In addition to individual components, we also offer turn-key solutions. They consist of sleeve housing and panel mounting bases and the corresponding contact inserts with push-in technology as well as one of our new cable glands. Order sets with single or double locking latch depending on the application.

We will be happy to create custom connector sets tailored to your individual requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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