Remote maintenance via the public telephone network

Remote maintenance via the public telephone network

Quick and easy

The public telephone network is available in virtually every country in the world thanks to comprehensive network expansion.

Phoenix Contact offers analog modems for temporary remote access to your remote machines and systems. They facilitate remote maintenance in the most far-flung corners of the world by the simplest means possible, namely, dial-up connection technology. The analog telephone infrastructure enables use of an ADSL broadband router. It connects industrial Ethernet or RS-232 devices to the Internet via a permanent DSL line. Via a high-speed Internet connection, you can access individual machines, systems or entire Ethernet networks anywhere in the world.

Your advantages

  • The integrated Annex A/B/J switchover enables fast startup on site without extensive prior clarification of the local provider requirements
  • Use as a DSL modem or DSL router can be set up easily in web-based management
  • Automatic signal conditioning from DSL to LAN
  • Integrated functions such as a firewall, VPN, NAT

ADSL router for worldwide use

The ADSL broadband routers enable the high-speed connection of industrial Ethernet and RS-232 devices to the Internet, and also support all conventional ADSL standards.

Using the integrated Annex A/B/J switchover, the devices can be easily adjusted to the requirements of regional telecommunications providers. When functioning as a modem, the device operates as a simple converter from DSL to LAN. A separate, downstream router then handles router and firewall functions. However, when used as a router, the device itself handles these functions, meaning that no separate router is necessary.

ADSL modem/router  

ADSL router/modem - a device type that is not designed specifically for industrial use, but instead for flexible use worldwide.

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