Technologies that inspire

Technologies that inspire

Discover just what our innovative technological solutions have to offer!

Our technologies form the foundation for our innovative products and solutions. Take a look at the technologies we offer and the advantages they provide.



Combines IT and automation functions

PROFINET technology features a high-performance and compatible basic architecture. Functional add-ons meet the requirements of a wide range of sectors and solutions.

IT functions complement the automation technology functions – this enables PROFINET devices and networks to be optimally integrated into IT landscapes.

Hybrid motor starter technology

CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters  

Clever motor switching

Hybrid motor starter technology offers particularly compact and electronically safe motor switching, reversing, and protection.

Explosion protection – theory and practice

Explosion protection brochure  

Principles of explosion protection

However, explosion protection is not just an issue for installers, planners, and operators in standard systems in chemical and petrochemical industries. Even in apparently harmless areas of the food industry, for example, there is considerable potential for danger.

This brochure deals with the risks in potentially explosive areas and offers help in day-to-day work.

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