Transmission and distribution

High level of availability

High level of availability

Minimize downtimes in your networks in the event of maintenance or faults: we have the ideal solution for you.

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Maximum system availability is the foundation for your transport and distribution networks. Do you want to operate your networks even more safely and cost-effectively? Phoenix Contact offers extremely reliable product solutions that will do the job.

Safe operation of energy networks

Interference-free and safe transmission and distribution networks  

Interference-free and safe transmission and distribution networks

For interference-free and safe operation of transmission and distribution networks, it is extremely important to perform recurring tests on protection systems. This applies for applications in general power supply as well as those for industry, railway technology or shipbuilding.

During testing, typical operating states and errors are simulated; the logical reactions and switching operations are then assessed.

With the CLIPLINE complete modular terminal blocks and ME series of test disconnect terminal blocks, Phoenix Contact offers solutions for every application.

Be on the safe side: we have developed products specifically tailored to the requirements of mains operation.

Our long-standing use of high-quality materials is a guarantee for the long-term reliability of our components.

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