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Innovative configuration at Frankenluk in Bamberg, Germany

Switchgear for maximum reliability

The product center for Frankenluk Energieanlagenbau GmbH electrical power stations has its headquarters in Bamberg, Germany, a historic city which is a listed UNESCO world heritage site.

Switchgear from Frankenluk are used in applications where maximum reliability of electrical power supply and high energy density are required.


The Power Systems division of Frankenluk is producing nearly 900 control panels for switchgear with a busbar rated current of 4000 A for the airport expansion in Munich. Without computer-aided project planning and project management, the sophisticated tasks involved would be unmanageable. Therefore, when it comes to electrical configuration, Frankenluk consistently uses EPLAN 5.40 in conjunction with CLIP PROJECT 4.0.

CLIP PROJECT is a configuration program for the fast planning of complete terminal strips. An interactive color graphics viewer guarantees clear operation and, in CLIP PROJECT Professional, consistent data exchange can be implemented with CAE systems, such as EPLAN 5.30, EPLAN 5.40, and EPLAN 21.


The modular structure of the switchgear enables sophisticated and cost-effective solutions to be created quickly for the customer. The system properties of ST mini spring-cage terminal blocks aid in this:

  • Compact design for high wiring density
  • Consistent bridge shaft across all terminal block types for fast and flexible potential distribution

Large wiring space for connecting conductors with or without ferrule
The consistent arrangement of bridge and labeling shafts, even for the various terminal block types, enables different connection technologies to be combined.

For example, using the same accessories, the ST-COMBI spring-cage terminal block can be used for signal and power transmission with no additional effort. This terminal block supports the plug-in wiring of cables with a nominal cross section of 2.5 mm² for voltages up to 500 V and currents up to 24 A.


Frankenluk requests and orders complete terminal strips via e-mail. This cuts down on numerous separate orders and makes warehousing easier. The product data used in CLIP PROJECT can be updated at any time via the Internet. For EPLAN users, the current product master data for modular terminal blocks is available to download.

Mr Jürgen Glöckner, head of division at Frankenluk: "To successfully survive in the market, innovative solutions are still the key to success. Using the CLIP PROJECT software from Phoenix Contact has literally paid off for Frankenluk. By coupling EPLAN and CLIP PROJECT, the tedious and time-consuming job of putting terminal strips together is no longer necessary. By generating the terminal strips from the terminal plan in EPLAN and applying them in the software, we as switchgear manufacturers get a drawing of the fully labeled terminal strip mounted on the DIN rail."

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