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  • Energy generation

    In the future, the capacity of power stations will have to be increased for energy generation and combustion gases reduced.

  • Power distribution
    Power distribution

    The reliable connection technology is specially tailored to the requirements of electrical transmission and distribution networks.

The energy market is a dynamic and constantly changing market – in terms of energy generation, mains operation, and maintenance. The demands placed on your systems are also constantly changing. We have been a partner to the power industry for over 80 years. This is reflected in our ever-growing and comprehensive product portfolio.

Protection of intelligent power supplies – with FL MGUARD

Effective protection  

Effective protection of distributed systems with FL MGUARD

Modern IT technology is conquering more and more sectors of modern society. This is also true in the case of energy and power supply infrastructure with the implementation of the intelligent network – Smart Grid.

In the case of uninterruptible power supply, a balance must be maintained between demand and supply – regardless of the time of day and weather conditions.

In order adapt power supply accordingly, installations such as offshore wind farms, conventional power stations or private PV systems communicate via a shared network.

Digital networking opens up new technical possibilities. However, at the same time there is also more opportunity for potential attacks. Entire power supply infrastructures can be jeopardized by IT manipulation.

Large power generating units in particular require protection, as it is very difficult for other network installations to compensate for them in the event of an unplanned failure. Experience has shown that attacks on the digital systems of power stations represent a real threat. This has led to the creation of comprehensive cyber security guidelines, the implementation of which presents new challenges for operators.

With the FL MGUARD device range, Phoenix Contact supports the individual implementation of distributed IT protection concepts. MGUARD technology ensures that unauthorized network access attempts and changes in computer systems are detected reliably and quickly.

High operational reliability thanks to the SIL

EX, Process technology, SIL, functional safety, IEC 61508  

Safety integrity level – SIL

The safety integrity level (SIL) defines the requirements that a device or a system is expected to fulfill so that the failure probability can be specified. If a device or system fails, a defined state is attained.

The aim of the SIL is to achieve maximum possible operational reliability.

A standard-based inspection is carried out based on statistical probability. Standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 are largely used as the basis for this.

Surge protection

Innovative products for surge protection  

Innovative products for surge protection

Many aspects must be taken into consideration for effective surge protection. Based on intensive fundamental research, Phoenix Contact is developing innovative arrester technologies and implementing the acquired expertise in powerful and application-oriented protective devices.

Find out more about the effects of surge voltages, how an effective surge protection concept works, and what technologies are behind products.

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