Fastned: Charge electric vehicles rapidly with the CCS connector


Fastned rapid charging equipment  

Solar panels on the roof generate the necessary energy

  • The Electrical Vehicle division of the Swiss company ABB is developing an Internet-based charging infrastructure.
  • The Dutch company Fastned was on the lookout for rapid charging equipment that could be installed in national highway service stations.
  • With the charging stations from ABB equipped with CCS vehicle connectors from Phoenix Contact, electric vehicles can be charged for a range of 150 kilometers in just 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Electric vehicles can thus be charged while they are parked for short periods at service stations, supermarkets or banks.

Customer profile

In 2012, Fastned BV was awarded the concession to install rapid charging equipment at 201 highway service stations in the Netherlands. Today, there are more than 100 such places where electric vehicles can be charged. Together with Phoenix Contact and ABB, Fastned is helping to satisfy the demand for rapidly charging electric vehicles.


Fastned station with various vehicle connectors  

Fastned charging stations with CCS, CHAdeMo, and AC connectors

By 2020, 2.5 percent of the approximately eight million cars licensed in the Netherlands are to be electrically powered, with this figure set to rise to 12.5 percent by 2025. In the future, these vehicles will be charged increasingly at the workplace and on the highway network. It will have to be possible to charge the batteries of these electric vehicles there within a very short period of time.

Set against this backdrop, Fastned awarded ABB with the contract for providing suitable charging stations in the summer of 2013. The charging stations have a cloud link based on open standards, enabling them to be connected to all service and payment applications. Furthermore, they are equipped with all relevant rapid charging connectors, meaning that all electric vehicles can be charged.


Type 2 CCS connector  

High charging currents and voltages can be achieved with the Type 2 CCS connector

ABB uses CCS (Combined Charging System) vehicle connectors from Phoenix Contact. Furthermore, the stations include AC connectors of Type 2 in accordance with IEC 62196 for conventional charging with AC power, as well as CHAdeMO (Charge de Move – charge for moving) connectors. With the CCS connector, charging currents of 200 A and voltages of up to 1000 V can be achieved, such that modern vehicle batteries can be charged in less than 30 minutes.

In accordance with the standard, there is an electromechanical interlock actuator fitted in the vehicle inlet. This locks the vehicle connector at the side or directly to the locking clip in the mating face during the charging process. The actuator bolt is designed to withstand high pull-out forces. The charging current also needs to be monitored to ensure a safe charging process. Temperature sensors detect if the system is becoming overheated. The signal outputs then transmit the temperature of the power contacts to the charging station, which in turn can then halt the charging process or reduce the charging power. 

The Fastned charging stations are equipped with solar panels, enabling Fastned to charge electric vehicles with energy generated 100% by wind and solar power. Battery storage systems at the individual stations buffer the energy generated for those times when the sun is not sufficient or there is little wind. There are at least two rapid charging columns available per station in order to avoid long queuing times. Furthermore, customers have access to a Wi-Fi network. Thus, for example, they can read their e-mails, prepare for meetings, listen to music or even watch TV while their vehicle is charging. Fastned is certain that the faster charging speed will also reduce the cost of charging. If hundreds of electric vehicles can be charged per day, the higher financial expenditure for the hardware laid out by the company will be recovered in no time.


With the Type 2 CCS connector from Phoenix Contact used in Fastned stations, electric vehicles can be charged for a range of 150 kilometers in just 15 to 20 minutes. “It is already possible to feed 1000 V at 200 A through vehicle connectors, although even higher currents are being planned,” reports Crijn Bouman, Vice President of the ABB Electrical Vehicle and Charging Infrastructure Business Development Unit. In the future, the charging power for rapid charging on the go will be at least 100 to 350 kW. Therefore, the heat balance of charging stations and connectors is of crucial importance. Bouman asserts: “There are only a few companies that are able to supply such a connector. So Phoenix Contact is opening up a whole new world of added value to us in this field.”

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