Heldele: Intelligent design charging stations with comfort functionality

Design variations for charging stations from Heldele

Design variations for charging stations from Heldele  

Smart flap: the charging socket can only be used by authorized personnel

Heldele GmbH is one of the leading providers of services for electrical engineering and communication technology in Southern Germany. The company, whose headquarters are based in Salach, has around 500 employees and offers products, systems, and services focused on electrical engineering, IT, and communication technology, as well as automation technology.

Their client base is made up of industrial and commercial companies, as well as public authorities and freelance professionals. Renewable energy has long been part of the company's range of services - and Heldele labels itself a craft enterprise, in an understated manner, typical of the South German region. Heldele founded a photovoltaics center of expertise alongside other system partners, but is actively involved in the electromobility sector.


EV Charge Controller in a CAP charging station  

The EV Charge Controller (left in the figure) fits perfectly into the CAP charging stations' narrow housing

In terms of developing a new charging station, it quickly became clear to the developers from Heldele GmbH that the company did not want to offer simply yet another charging station on the market. The idea of the electrical and communications engineers was: to make the electric charging stations interactive, offering additional convenient and informative functions to the driver.

To differentiate themselves from the numerous other charging stations on the market, Heldele contracted a renowned industrial designer. The goal was to create an innovative design that would appeal to style-conscious end users. The result is the intelligent “CAP” charging station series, featuring the classic Heldele orange shades. The concept takes Heldele's e-charging stations' modular character into account. They are easy to assemble and the various designs offer a high degree of recognition.

In order to operate the charging infrastructure cost-effectively and to be able to provide plenty of charging stations, Heldele required a management system for its charging stations, which could ensure full communication with the back-end as well as controller and monitoring functions.


Many products from Phoenix Contact are tucked away “under the hood”, making AC charging safe and easy. Indeed, the team of developers at Heldele, working with Project Manager Georg Thomas, opted for the EV Charge Controller from Phoenix Contact, due to its compact dimensions. The device, the size of an residual current device (RCD), controls all communication with the vehicle to be charged (known as “handshaking”) and executes all control processes that are associated with charging, such as plug locking, releasing, and signaling.

The optionally built-in ILC 150 ETH controller and the mobile phone router with UMTS/HSPA enable use in the most wide-ranging of application scenarios. Even the Infrastructure Socket Outlet and charging connector for AC charging are included in the solution packet. Based on the software libraries from Phoenix Contact, the Heldele team developed their software in line with the needs of specific customers, for communication from the charging station to back end, user authentication, order tracking, charging history, and billing.


EV Charge Controller  

The EV Charge Controller covers all control functions

The EV Charge Controller controls and monitors the charging process according to IEC 61851-1 in mode 3. As all the control functions needed for charging are combined in one device, the charging station does not need another controller.

The EV Charge Controller is configured via the DIP switch on the front of the housing. Ten different DIP switches implement the different applications, ranging from the simple wall box to complex installations of individual or networked charging stations. The maximum permitted current can also be set using a rotary switch in a range from 5 to 80 A. Additional digital inputs enable use in various applications.

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