Machine and system operators

Machine and system operators

Secure and flexible

We offer secure communication solutions for superior availability.

Your application: protecting production systems against faults and downtime

Faults or production downtimes due to unauthorized access or malware pose a huge financial risk in networked systems. Sensitive production systems are often inadequately protected against these dangers, particularly when they are triggered in the internal network.

This can occur if malware is introduced from external hardware, by a service technician or by accidentally making incorrect entries, for example. Therefore, it is important to protect production systems against undesired external and internal attacks, as well as to stem the spread of any damage that has already penetrated defenses.

Our solution: secure network concepts and security appliances

Segmented production network  

Network segmentation with mGuard security appliances

With this in mind, Phoenix Contact offers network concepts that disconnect the office network from the production network and also enable Defense in Depth security architecture.

The spread of malware can be prevented by segmenting the production network. What is more, Phoenix Contact offers firewall concepts with the mGuard security appliances, which control and filter data traffic in the network so that the system is protected against broadcasts and defective data packets. The management software, mGuard Device manager, also ensures uniform configuration and easier administration of the devices in the network.

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