Building automation

Optimally equipped

Optimally equipped

User friendly, energy efficient, modular: you will find the solution for your automation in our comprehensive portfolio.

From terminal blocks and surge protection to controlling complex functions: take a look at our product range. We have the ideal products and systems for you – and your building automation.

Save energy

EMpro Energy meters  

Transparent and clear representation of energy data

Energy data acquisition in buildings is becoming increasingly important. Make your usage transparent and determine the optimum measures required: you can therefore save energy as well as money.

Measurement, acquisition, display

Energy meters from Phoenix Contact measure and acquire the relevant data and present it in a clear way.

  • Variable: you can read electricity or water meters via M-bus. You can integrate meters from any manufacturer.
  • Flexible: you can acquire measuring data every fifteen minutes, weekly or once a month – whatever suits your requirements.
  • Customized: you can acquire the energy data for a specific industrial building, a building complex or all properties. You can always be kept informed of the energy usage in the production environment and in office space.

Lighting and shading: maximum comfort, minimum energy

DALI, Lightning control, BACL, EnOcean  

Convenient control of lighting and shading

When it comes to lighting and shading, do you want to provide maximum comfort while minimizing energy consumption?

We can supply you with flexible solutions for industrial use, such as:

  • Products for EnOcean wireless technology for wireless lighting control
  • Products for DALI lighting buses for flexible control of light fixtures and for the implementation of constant light regulation or scene control

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning: modular structure, extremely flexible

BACL, PID, function block, HKL  

Optimum control of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

Do you want to optimally equip your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system?

The Phoenix Contact product portfolio includes solutions for numerous applications. The range has a modular structure and therefore offers maximum flexibility.

  • Function block library: we provide a wide range of function blocks for components from Phoenix Contact.
  • Choose the right hardware and software for your application from our extensive range.
  • Use a suitable Ethernet solution for HVAC automation.

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