Function blocks

Extension and integration made easy

Drivers and function blocks can be easily downloaded and installed without much
programming effort. You can therefore extend your systems quickly and easily, e.g., with
IT functions, remote control functions, SQL connections or control technology.

This provides the following advantages:

  • Ready-made function blocks reduce programming effort
  • Easy infrastructure integration
  • Preprogrammed function blocks help prevent programming errors
  • Download freeware or function blocks that are subject to a license

Our function blocks are grouped by theme into libraries. Standard
libraries contain functions, for example, that make it easier to access your I/O terminal blocks from the control program. Libraries with technology functions offer ready-made applications for control tasks, communication protocols, and even industry solutions.

The vast majority of our function blocks can be used free of charge. Some blocks require a runtime license in the controller. These licenses are stored on memory cards, which are available as accessories for our controllers. If the necessary license is not present on the controller, the function blocks will work for six hours without restrictions and will then be disabled.

To clarify the use and interactions of the function blocks, here are some application examples. The application examples are executable projects which can be used with the corresponding development environment. The source code for the examples can be viewed and also used as the basis for your own applications.

The Phoenix Contact application examples:

  • simplify startup of I/O components
  • provide guaranteed sources for program development
  • describe solutions comprehensively
  • document the interactions between different components and functions

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