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CLIP PROJECT: planning labeling

Easily produce the labeling for your markings – with CLIP PROJECT. The configuration software consists of two parts: CLIP PROJECT planning for configuration and CLIP PROJECT marking for labeling markings.

CLIP PROJECT planning: user-friendly configuration

CLIP PROJECT Planning, Project software from Phoenix Contact  

Consistent process chain

CLIP PROJECT planning enables you to configure terminal strips quickly, conveniently, and without any errors.

Optimum interaction with CAE systems results in a consistent process chain.

  • The process chain covers data transfer, product selection, the correction function, and finally complete documentation.
  • In addition to modular terminal blocks, CLIP PROJECT planning can be used to configure other products such as those used in overcurrent and surge protection, power supply, signal conversion, and automation technology.

CLIP PROJECT marking: easy labeling

CLIP PROJECT: Easy labeling of various materials  

Easy labeling of various materials

CLIP PROJECT marking can be used to create markings easily and conveniently – even with a wide range of different marking materials.

  • The areas that can be labeled are indicated. A realistic representation of the finished printed label is provided on screen.
  • Handling is extremely user friendly: existing labeling data is imported from CAE systems, spreadsheet programs, and word processing programs.
  • CLIP PROJECT marking controls all printing systems from Phoenix Contact as well as standard office printers.
  • The CLIP PROJECT professional version includes a template designer. You can therefore easily create your own labels.


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  • CLIP PROJECT: planning labeling

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