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Nut - FT NUT M25 YE - 1125062

Color-coding, Range of articles: PRC 35, Nut, color: yellow

Accessories - PRC FC RELEASE LATCH YE - 1125073

Color-coding, Range of articles: PRC 35, Accessories, housing material: PA 6.6-FR. If you are using the release latch, then the PRC approvals in accordance with IEC 61535 and 2PfG 1915 are not required

ES-BBC-MF4 - 1155607

No picture available

ES-BBC-MF1 - 1155603

No picture available

ES-BBC-5-3 BK - 1155599

No picture available

Fuse plug - PV-PRO/OE-200/F-1500/17 - 1214620

Photovoltaic connector, Range of articles: Sunclix, Fuse plug, color: black, nom. voltage: 1500 V DC (bis 4000m ü. NN), rated current: 17 A, Connection method: open cable end, min. cable diameter: 5.8 mm, max. cable diameter: 6.4 mm. SUNCLIX fuse element for protecting panels and devices in photovoltaic systems

Nut - FT NUT M25 RD - 1125067

Color-coding, Range of articles: PRC 35, Nut, color: red

Coding element - PRC FC-M CODE-YE - 1125058

Color-coding, Range of articles: PRC 35, Coding element, housing material: PA 6.6-FR, color: yellow

ES-BBC-5-2 BK - 1155598

No picture available

ES-BBC-5-4 BK - 1155600

No picture available

119,236 Results

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