The basics of surge protection

From the generation of surge voltages through to a comprehensive protection concept.

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  • Causes of surge voltages

    The following pages provide comprehensive information on surge protection technology.

  • Effects of overvoltages

    More often than not, overvoltages which couple into a circuit cause considerable damage to equipment and devices.

  • Protection concept

    Surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact can be used to create an effective protective circuit around devices and systems.

  • Components and protective circuits

    When overvoltages occur, the affected devices and cables must be short-circuited with the equipotential bonding within a very short time.

You probably have a great deal of questions – ranging from basic queries as to how surge voltages even occur, to technical details about grid systems or individual components of a surge protection concept, right through to the device itself.

The answers to the following questions can be found here

  • How do surge voltages occur and what effect do they have?
  • How do you create an effective surge protection concept?
  • What is the technology behind the protection concept and products?
  • What do you need to bear in mind?

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