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Integration made easy – with the WirelessHART adapter

Link remote field devices to your network

WirelessHART adapter  

Easy integration of field devices – thanks to WirelessHART adapter

The WirelessHART adapter is the clever alternative to cable-based HART programming. Where previously you had to connect HART devices directly to your network using a cable, you can now do this easily using wireless technology. Simply connect the corresponding field device to the WirelessHART adapter to make it part of your network.

Either connect the adapter directly to the field device or to any accessible point in the analog loop.

The power supply of the WirelessHART adapter is flexible and can be adapted to your requirements.

Adapter with current loop supply (loop powered)

WirelessHART adapter  

Easy power supply via the loop current

Reduce installation time. When you connect your WirelessHART adapter to an existing field device, a 4 to 20 mA current loop supply is sufficient for operation.

Adapter with separate power supply

Adapter with power supply  

Adapter with 24 V DC power supply

If the current loop supply is not sufficient to operate the WirelessHART adapter, use a separate DC power supply as an alternative. This means that your adapter operates reliably and that the 4 to 20 mA signal remains unaffected by interference.

Several devices per adapter – thanks to multi-drop mode

Multidrop adpater  

Several HART devices on one adapter

You can also use our WirelessHART adapter in multi-drop mode. This means that you can connect up to four HART devices which have no 4 to 20 mA signal available to one adapter. The adapter is supplied via a separate DC voltage. The connected devices are then supplied by the adapter.    

Integration of non-HART-compatible 4 to 20 mA devices

Integration of 4 to 20 mA devices in the wireless network  

Integration of 4 to 20 mA devices in the wireless network

Using the WirelessHART adapter, you can also integrate 4 to 20 mA devices that are not HART-compatible into a WirelessHART network.

To do this, operate our WirelessHART adapter with a separate DC power supply. The connected devices are supplied via the current loop of the adapter. The current loop is then measured and transmitted as a process value.

Flexible programming

HART programming  

Flexible programming – thanks to HART programming tool

The WirelessHART adapter is programmed easily using a HART programming tool. This is connected to the HART modem loop of the adapter.

Connected HART devices can be programmed directly without having to reconnect the programming tool.

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