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1600 series Unmanaged Switches

The FL SWITCH 1605 device mounted on profiles

With the FL SWITCH 1605 you can connect up to five Ethernet-capable network devices directly in the field. The version of the Unmanaged Switch with the higher IP67 degree of protection makes it resistant to external influences such as moisture and dust.Robust field devices, for example I/O modules, can therefore be integrated locally, directly in the machine on the network. In this case the Plug and Play capability enables uncomplicated installation, without configuration outlay. In order that the cabling is also protected against harsh ambient conditions, both the power supply and the network connections are designed using the standardized M12 connection method which is suitable for use in the field.

Problem-free use in automation networks

FL SWITCH 1605 in machine building  

The FL SWITCH 1605 is particularly suitable for use in machines

The FL SWITCH 1605 is suitable for use in networks in which automation protocols such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™, or Modbus/TCP are used. Support of the Quality of Service function in accordance with the ​IEEE 802.1Q standard is the basis for data traffic with a higher priority, e.g. time-sensitive process data is not obstructed by low-priority data packets in the event of heavy data traffic. The Unmanaged Switch therefore guarantees real-time capability in PROFINET networks. With a data rate of up to 100 Mbps, the switch also provides sufficient transmission speed for communication with modern field devices such as I/O stations and controllers.

Flexible selection of the mounting location

IP67 switch mounted on a structural profile  

With a overall width of just 30 mm, the IP67 switch 1605 is extremely narrow

The IP67 Switch 1605 ensures a high level of flexibility when selecting the mounting location. As the overall width of the switch is just 30 mm, and it can be fastened with just two M6 screws, it can, for example, be mounted directly on the structural profiles of the machines. This dispenses with laborious time-consuming preparation and attachment of mounting plates. The version of the Unmanaged Switch with IP67 degree of protection and a broad temperature range of -40°C to +70°C also allows mounting in harsh ambient conditions.

Power supply also possible as a line topology

Y distributors  

Y distributors for the supply of several switches in the line via one power source

The FL SWITCH 1605 features various options for installing the power supply. In addition to each individual switch being able to be supplied separately, several devices in the line can be supplied via one power source. Y distributors are available for this cost-effective power supply alternative. The distributors are screwed onto the power connection of the switch and from here distribute the power to other devices. Thanks to the energy-saving design of the industrial Unmanaged Switch, extended line topologies can be realized.

Mobile applications


The robust IP67 Unmanaged Switch is also suitable for use in vehicles

Thanks to its compact design and low weight, the Switch 1605 is also suitable for mobile applications such as robotic tools, transport systems, and vehicle applications. Thanks to its broad input voltage range, operation in vehicles with a 12 or 24 V DC electrical system is possible. The low current consumption of the switch also makes it suitable for operation in battery-driven applications.

Overview of FL SWITCH 1600

Transmission speed10/100 Mbps
Power supply9 ​V DC​ ... 32 ​V DC
Temperature range-40°C…70°C
Degree of protectionIP67
Special featuresQuality of Service (QoS), PTCP ​filter​ for PROFINET
ApprovalsCE, ​UL

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