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Type 1 lightning arrester with integrated backup fuse

Space and time-saving installation

Exploded drawing of the FLT-SEC-HYBRID  


FLASHTRAB-SEC-HYBRID combines the high-performance spark gap without line follow current with Safe Energy Control technology and a surge-proof arrester backup fuse in a single plug. The result is a type 1 lightning arrester that can be used in systems with a main fuse nominal current greater than 315 A without an additional backup fuse.

The advantage is clear: you can save space in the control cabinet, time during installation, and costs as a separate backup fuse is not required and does not need to be connected.

Plug-in and removal

Unplugged FLASHTRAB-SEC-HYBRID - 0062258  

FLASHTRAB-SEC-HYBRID with push-pull locking mechanism

The new push-pull locking mechanism of the FLASHTRAB-SEC-HYBRID enables extremely easy plug-in and removal even with a plug of this size. When inserted, the plug engages in the base element, making it resistant to vibrations.

The pluggable design offers the following advantages:

  • To perform insulation measurements, simply remove the plugs. There is no need for any complicated disconnection and connection.
  • In the event of the unexpected overload of individual protective plugs, e.g., due to extremely high surge voltages, you can replace the affected plugs quickly and inexpensively.
  • Recurring tests for surge protective devices can be performed quickly and easily using the CHECKMASTER 2 test device.

Convenient monitoring


FLASHTRAB-SEC-HYBRID with marking area and signaling

The operating state of the hybrid arrester is permanently monitored. This applies to the spark gap without line follow current as well as the integrated fuse. In the event of an error, the plug is thermally disconnected. Clear signaling takes place directly on the module. A floating PDT contact is also monitored at the same time. Easy-maintenance remote signaling can therefore be implemented. The large marking area on the protective devices also ensures accurate identification on site.

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