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mGuard security appliances are particularly suitable for the distributed protection and secure remote maintenance of production cells or individual machines. Thanks to a wide variety of designs, we offer the right product for every application.

Your advantages

  • Maximum level of security with security functions specifically tailored to industrial applications
  • Quick and easy configuration with web interface and optional configuration memory on SD card
  • Optimized design for industrial environments enables a wide range of possible applications
  • Security routers and firewalls are part of the COMPLETE line system

DIN rail devices for beginners

Security routers for beginners  

Inexpensive entry into network security

The new security routers of the FL MGUARD 1100 series allow you to easily and inexpensively protect industrial networks against IT attacks. The on-board functions enable the fast startup of devices, even if you only have minimal network and security knowledge.

With Easy Protect Mode, wire bridges are used to block external network access attempts – without requiring any configuration. The new Firewall Assistant helps you create firewall rules. While Test Mode performs a straightforward test of the firewall rules created without limiting system availability. Security made easy!

DIN rail devices for professionals

mGuard security router in the control cabinet  

mGuard security appliances for the DIN rail

FL MGUARD RS2000: the security routers offer a simple “2-click” firewall and up to two parallel, IPsec-encrypted VPN tunnels. The scope of functions is kept to the essentials and is primarily suited to secure remote maintenance in industrial applications. 

FL MGUARD RS4000: thanks to the intelligent firewall and up to 250 IPsec-encrypted VPN tunnels, the security appliances offer an extended scope of functions. They enable high-end security for demanding high-availability scenarios and complex security architectures.

FL MGUARD GT/GT: the security routers have similar functions to the devices from the RS4000 series. Furthermore, they are Gigabit-enabled. In addition to RJ45 ports, they also offer SFP ports for flexible use of single mode and multimode fiberglass cables.

PCI and PCIe cards

mGuard security router as a PCI(E)-compatible plug-in card  

mGuard security appliances in PCI and PCIe format

The mGuard PCI and PCI Express cards have the same security functions as mGuard DIN rail devices in a compact, PCI-compatible plug-in card. You can therefore equip any PCI and PCI Express-compatible hardware with a powerful security component.

The PCI cards are particularly suitable for the distributed protection and remote maintenance of industrial and panel PCs, individual machines or industrial robots. They act independently of the processor technology and operating system.

Portable hardware

mGuard security router for mobile applications  

Portable mGuard security appliances

The mGuard smart2 delivers security and performance in a minimum amount of space. The housing is robust and power can be supplied easily via any USB port.

It is particularly suitable for the portable protection of workstations and environments close to the production process with low requirements for industrial hardening. Perfectly positioned as an intelligent firewall between office and production networks, as a secure and software-independent remote maintenance solution or as a security router for small working groups.

mGuard Secure VPN client

The mGuard Secure VPN client is a software application for connecting Windows PCs to a virtual private network (VPN). The client makes resources from remote networks available via a public, potentially unsecure network, such as the Internet, in a highly secure and transparent way.

The software solution uses the IPsec security protocol. This ensures the confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity of all information and data transmitted between the VPN client and the mGuard device. Ideal for service technicians and teleworkers, the VPN client supports both mobile and stationary application scenarios. It is compatible with the entire mGuard product range and is extremely easy to operate as a “one-click solution”.

Desktop device

mGuard security router as a compact desktop device  

mGuard security appliances for desktop use

mGuard delta combines a high level of security and performance in a compact metal housing as a desktop device. It can be used as a secure firewall between office and production networks. It is also suitable for use as a security router for small to medium-sized working groups in desktop applications, in distribution compartments, network cabinets, and other environments close to production processes with low requirements for industrial hardening.

In medium-scale machine building and systems manufacturing, in particular, mGuard delta acts as a reliable teleservice infrastructure. mGuard delta enables you to connect machines, controllers or technicians securely.

19" security appliance

mGuard security router as 19  

mGuard security appliance in 19" format

mGuard centerport is a combination of a high-end firewall and high-performance VPN gateway in 19" format. The device offers Gigabit Ethernet and multi-core architecture as well as high power reserves. This means that mGuard centerport can be easily scaled in line with a constantly growing number of VPN connections or network segments to be protected. Consistent transmission quality is ensured for business-critical IP services even at maximum load.

As a central high-performance gateway, mGuard centerport supports the VPN connection of any number of systems, machines, and technicians. Up to 3000 VPN tunnels can be active simultaneously.

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