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Dial-up connections in the public phone network

Temporary connections via phone number

For the purpose of performing software updates or remote diagnostics, it is often enough to dial into the controller directly for just a short period.

The connection is only established for the duration of the data transmission. The only costs that arise are those resulting from the service charge for the phone connection and the connection time.

Use a dial-up connection for serial data transmission for temporary remote access to remote Ethernet devices or for automatically connecting remote subnetworks to higher-level networks.

Communication between serial devices

Access to serial terminal devices  

Dial-up connection in the analog phone network

Use the public phone network for remote access - proven reliability, simple and affordable.

Communication between serial devices and an Ethernet network

Access to remote Ethernet networks  

Access to a remote Ethernet network

Establish Ethernet remote access via a dial-up connection to the public phone network: the connection enables your local device to become a device within the remote Ethernet network and provides you with access to all other network devices.

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